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Why put sugar in coffee? Does sugar cube have any allusions?

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square sugar (food)
square sugar, also known as semi square sugar, is a semi square (i.e. half of the cube) high-grade sugar product pressed with fine grain refined granulated sugar as raw material. It has a history of many years abroad. Its consumption will increase rapidly with the improvement of people’s living standards. At present, several small factories in China produce refined and young granulated sugar with the purchased sugar, but only a few sugar factories produce square sugar
cube sugar is characterized by pure quality, white and glossy, complete edges and corners, proper firmness and not easy to break, but it dissolves quickly in water and the solution is clear and transparent. Its physical and chemical composition is basically the same as that of refined sugar, with density of 0.95 ~ 1.04 and porosity of 0.40 ~ 0.35. It is packed in moisture-proof cartons, 100 pieces per box, with a net weight of 500g or 454g (one pound)
the production of square sugar is to use refined sugar with appropriate crystal size and particle size to mix with a small amount of concentrated refined sugar solution (or purified water) to form wet sugar with water content of 1.5 ~ 2.5%, then form a semi square shape with forming machine, dry it to less than 0.5% water by dryer, and then package it after cooling
the traditional sugar cube molding machine uses compression molding method. The main part of the forming machine is a horizontal cylindrical drum. On its circumferential surface, there are many rows (usually 24 rows) of long strip molds, and each mold has more than 10 square holes. The drum rotates at a speed of more than 10 revolutions per minute. The humidified granulated sugar falls into the square hole at the top of the drum through the vibrating feeding bucket. With the rotation of the drum, it is gradually compressed by the pressure head moving outward from the center to form a square. When they are pushed out of the conveyor head at the bottom, they are pushed out of the conveyor head. This forming method is also known as the ant method or Hersey method. The square sugar made by it is hard and angular
in the 1970s, the Swedish sugar company successfully developed a new vibration molding method for manufacturing square sugar, also known as SSA method or vibro method. It uses modern consolidation technology and high-frequency vibration to consolidate sugar grains into uniform and solid blocks. The sugar prepared by this method has better luster (because the grains on the surface will not be crushed), uniform pores between grains, high porosity and faster dissolution rate. This molding machine is similar to belt conveyor and operates continuously in cycle. It is equipped with 250 long strip molds made of special alloy and covered with polytetrafluoroethylene, each with 18 square holes. The electric vibrator is used to make the mold produce high-frequency vibration in the horizontal direction, so as to promote the wet granulated sugar to be loaded into small squares, and gather tightly and bond into squares. After that, the vertical vibration generated by another vibrator and the rise of the mold are used to unload the sugar cube in the mold onto the conveyor belt. After these molds are unloaded, they are washed by spraying hot water and dried by hot air, and then fed again. This method is more suitable for large-scale production
the square sugar discharged from the molding machine is discharged into the dryer on the continuous conveyor belt. First irradiate it with infrared or microwave, heat it quickly and evenly, and then dry it with hot air for 5 ~ 10 minutes. Then cool it with clean air and transport it to the packing room. A special automatic packaging machine shall be used for the packaging of sugar cubes. First, the sugar cubes on the conveyor belt shall be grouped according to the packaging requirements (the number of sugar cubes in each layer in the box, such as 25 pieces). They shall be sucked up together with an automatic vacuum suction head and placed flat on the packaging paper to form a layer. After reaching the required number of layers, the packaging paper will be folded and closed automatically to form a box of products. There is no need to touch the product manually in the packaging process, so as to protect the high quality and integrity of edges and corners of sugar cube, and the packaging speed is high.

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