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Why did the newly established small pot of tea win many century old tea enterprises?

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Hello, I’m Lao Xu, a struggling financial migrant worker. Please pay attention to me and discuss financial issues together

the newly founded small pot tea has made an annual profit of 2 billion. Small pot tea is an upgrade of the traditional tea art. It has transformed the traditional tea by means of packaging reduction and product re combination, which has improved users’ interest in tea, and its sales have been rapidly improved. The profitability of small pot tea is very strong, surpassing some traditional century old tea enterprises

just after its launch, small cans of tea have been warmly welcomed by the market. First, small cans of tea have very special features. In the past, the packaging of tea was relatively large. Consumers choose tea according to their actual needs after buying tea. The overall packaging is also a traditional packaging method, which does not make consumers feel bright in front of them. After the launch of small cans of tea, many people exclaimed that tea could still be like this, with such a small package and such an innovative concept, which completely broke everyone’s previous understanding of tea. Therefore, many people began to buy small cans of tea to replace traditional tea, and many people also brought small cans of tea as gifts for the festival. This gift has become a new fashion


in the past, we used to buy large portions of tea. We usually buy one kind of tea every time we buy it, because a large portion can be drunk for a period of time, and the overall package of small cans of tea is composed of many kinds of tea. If we buy a set of small cans of tea, we buy many kinds of tea, and we can constantly try all kinds of tea, which is a very good experience for consumers. Through this packaging combination, tea has become a new fashion. Due to the small number of each kind of tea, many people will carry small cans of tea on business trips. When they go on business, they can drink their favorite tea, which is a very attractive way

the innovative concept of small pot tea has brought a new way out for tea sales. After small pot tea was introduced to the market, it has aroused strong repercussions in the market. Many people began to buy small pot tea. Behind the improvement of sales is the credit of sales mode. Small pot tea has fully combined online sales with offline sales, carried out a large number of operation promotion online, and used e-commerce platform for marketing, expanding the marketing scope of small pot tea, Effectively promote sales

in fact, there are many opportunities in every industry, but whether we can find the right opportunities and direction. If we can find a good direction, many traditional industries can also play a good potential

1. Xiaocan tea is a tea enterprise that creates a strong brand and is an expert in playing big IP. 2. Starting with the initial marketing concept, we made great efforts in post packaging production, brand and marketing, and then found that the basic supply chain could not keep up, and the OEM turned to build the production line in person

the packaging of small cans of tea is very distinctive. Small cans of tea is an upgrade of traditional tea art. The traditional tea has been transformed by reducing the packaging and recombining the products, which has increased the users’ interest in tea, rapidly improved the sales, and the profitability of small cans of tea is very strong, surpassing some traditional century old tea enterprises.

because of his business philosophy and business mind of keeping pace with the times, he has developed rapidly

because small cans of tea have strong competitive advantages and meet the tastes of the public. Therefore, the profitability is particularly strong.

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