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Which material is better for the carton used for packaging?

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this is really unclear, but now many businesses use corrugated boxes. There is also a reason why foster Packaging Co., Ltd. is so popular.

selection principle of corrugated boxes
when selecting corrugated boxes, we should first take into account the nature, weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment of products, and then design according to the design principle of shockproof packaging and the design method of corrugated boxes. In addition, we should also follow relevant standards. For example, the packaging of exporters’ products should meet international standards or the requirements of foreign investors, and should pass relevant tests, Therefore, the following two points should be paid attention to when selecting corrugated box packaging
⑴ the corrugated model of corrugated board

the corrugated model is divided into four categories A, B, C and e according to the high score of corrugated board. The mechanical properties of different corrugated boards are also different. Type a corrugated board has the highest plane pressure and higher compressive strength, while type B has the opposite. Type C has better plane pressure, vertical pressure, parallel pressure and buffer force; Among the thickness of corrugated boards, type A is the largest, followed by type C, type B is the third, and type E is the smallest. Because the paperboard with small thickness is easy to process and bend, B-shaped corrugated paper is widely used for packaging and transportation with low requirements on the compressive strength of the box According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, it is better to use type A or C for single-sided corrugated box, type A, B or a combination of types B and C for double-sided corrugated box, and type B for close to the outer surface, which can play an impact resistance role. A. Type B or the combination of type B and type C can improve the physical and mechanical properties of cartons; In terms of printability, type B and type C are conducive to printing
⑵ box shape of corrugated carton

on the premise of ensuring the quality of carton, we should try to save carton processing materials and packaging costs. For example For cartons with the same volume, it is the most economical when the length: width: height is 2:1:2, and the most expensive when the ratio is 1:1:1. Therefore, square boxes should be avoided as far as possible We should also take into account the utilization rate of the product to the volume of the box, the utilization rate of the box to the volume of the truck and train carriage, and the stability of stacking during storage, transportation and pumping


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