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Which manufacturer produced the first smart phone?

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the first smartphone: Ericsson r380sc

Ericsson r380sc is the predecessor of today’s rapidly developing smartphone. R380sc pioneered mobile phone + PDA. It expands ideas for the development of smart phones in the future. R380sc is known as “mobile digital assistant”. Most of the functions of r380 are operated in flip mode. The memory reaches more than 700 K, supports POP3 mail, touch screen, novel flip and large screen. Each contact name can have multiple landlines, mobile phones, e-mail, website, address, etc., which fully shows the convenience of its mobile phone + PDA function, and the contact list can be copied between SIM card and phone. These are the advantages that r380sc was proud of all mobile phones at that time.

Ericsson r380 is the world’s first smartphone, Symbian system
Basic specification Mobile Phone System GSM mobile phone
network data transmission does not support
support frequency band GSM (900 /1800MHz)
mobile phone type straight board mobile phone
talk time (minutes) 240
standby time (hours) 107
smartphone does not support
operating system does not support
time of launch December 2000
display screen color monochrome
screen material LCD
digital camera function digital camera function no
digital camera photosensitive element no
digital camera pixel (10000) 0
digital camera performance no
main function chord ringtone no
ringtone function optional ringtone [11 kinds] self-made ringtone [4 kinds]
WAP supports Version 1.2.1
Web browsing does not support
Bluetooth technology does not support
voice dialing voice dialing 10
recording function recording for 90 seconds
input method keyboard
mail protocol IMAP4 /POP3 /SMTP
Chinese input method Pinyin and stroke
infrared interface has
alarm clock function has
built-in game does not have
other functions have handheld computer function, It can exchange electronic business cards and music ringtones with other r380 mobile phones, with built-in modem
phonebook capacity 100
phonebook grouping no
SMS short message protocol SMS
short message group sending is not supported
appearance feature color dark blue
weight (g) 164
length (mm) 130
width (mm) 50
height (mm) 26
Accessories standard battery 950 Ma lithium battery
Accessories lithium battery, travel charger, seat charger

before Ericsson’s launch, its r380 PDA and other functions have been quite stylish, It supports dual band and WAP, and the function of PDA is also good. Besides the backlight, the r380 has many basic functions, such as instant messaging and e-mail browsing. Based on the new technology platform, r380 provides users with a very simple and convenient EPOC operating system

machine weight: 164g, size: 130 × fifty-one × The 26mm GSM900 /1800 dual band mobile phone has a slim and elegant appearance, an extra wide display screen, a keyboard flip, a touch screen with bottom lighting, and supports WAP protocol. It can browse the Internet based on WAP, with built-in modem, infrared interface, EPOC operating system, WAP browser, the function of receiving sub emails and short messages, the function of synchronous update of personal computer information, address book, calendar, Notepad, calculator, alarm clock and voice information, Speaker Ericsson mobile Internet service

Ericsson r380 is not only a dual band mobile phone, but also a PDA. R380 is Ericsson’s second R-Series mobile phone. Ericsson’s products have the characteristics of “multiple functions and good performance”, and r380 is better than r320, another R-Series mobile phone. At first glance, the appearance of r380 is basically the same as that of r320. When the keyboard flip is closed, the volume is the same as that of ordinary mobile phones; When you open its keyboard flip, it will reveal the extra wide display screen and become a handheld computer

r380 supports WML browser, WAP on r380 wide screen, browse the web at a glance, which is much more convenient than ordinary mobile phones. Make it easy for you to get information from all parties online! In addition, r380s can also be set in the large screen to directly send and receive email on the Internet. If you want to connect to a computer, r380s will have a set of cable to connect to the Internet. In addition, the mobile phone also has an infrared connection.


Nokia, mobile phone authority
a mobile phone is sold worldwide in 4 seconds, 4 seconds!

Nokia was the first manufacturer to launch smart phones


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