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Which Italian home brand is better?

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1. Italian furniture brand Armani Casa
Armani Casa is a specific and complete family series brand. Before it was officially announced to be established in 2000, Armani Casa spent more than two years preparing, devoted itself to the creation of new living space, and developed a complete series, including furniture, tableware, lamps, bed sets and various home accessories, to present the complete life style in Armani’s mind
“luxury is essential, but not too publicized” is the consistent attitude of Armani brand. Armani furniture follows such design principles in terms of color, material and line
Armani’s ingenious design can be found in every work. In terms of material selection, it is characterized by uniqueness and attention to detail. Nostalgia reveals the feeling of the future, which is its most distinctive feature
in addition, the publicized hierarchical structure, sun pattern and golden gorgeous color make it have exciting low-key and gorgeous in addition to the brilliance
Introduction to the 2017 Italian new product launch of the Louvre import Pavilion (the largest imported furniture experience Pavilion in China)
Armani Casa launches new products every two years, and this year’s new products generally show three characteristics:
first, the color system changes from cold gray to warm and bright “rice gray”
after the transformation of the exhibition hall, the products of Armani have always been lighter and lighter in tone, no matter they are designed by Armani
in terms of material, Armani launched two kinds of green stones this year, from green mylonite in Brazil to marble in Italy. Each piece is personally selected by Mr. Armani to ensure the texture and color layout
finally, Armani Casa’s products this year are quite marketable, with 100000 products dazzling
the limited edition Club Limited Edition decorative cabinet with only 40 pieces uses the color board ocean lacquer launched at Milan exhibition last spring. It is inspired by the work “Kanagawa surfing inside” by Japanese ukiyo painter Ge zuai Beizhai. The gray sky and blue ocean on the cabinet pattern are integrated into one, using the effect of three-dimensional perspective painting, and beige leather decoration is used to distinguish the functions inside, which represents the collection of Armani’s top hand-made furniture
2. Italian furniture brand – Versace
Versace brand has always been synonymous with luxury and even gaudy
from high-end fashion custom series to ready-made clothes, from jewelry to perfume, from home decoration to porcelain series, these luxury areas are covered
in addition to the well-known fashion series, there are also loyal fans of verseca’s furniture series
the same design concept as the brand spirit makes Versace home series luxurious
Versace home draws inspiration from the symbol of eternal beauty in traditional Greek mythology
in the works of Milan Furniture Exhibition in 2015, it is interpreted as the “language” of modernity and creativity, which has become synonymous with Italy’s outstanding quality in the world. At the same time, it is also recognized as one of the symbols of international luxury goods, perfectly interpreting the unique style of made in Italy
introduction of the Louvre import Pavilion (the largest imported furniture experience Pavilion in China) 2017 Italian new product launch
3 Italian furniture brand – Fendi Casa
Fendi, a famous luxury brand in Italy, was officially founded in Rome in 1925, which opened the prelude to a fur family
Fendi CASA, a home furnishing brand, was founded in 1984, which made the company an early member in bringing luxury design brands into the home furnishing field and successfully ranked among the eight top brand furniture in the world
Fendi’s home has always been committed to the unique design style and the adherence to excellent quality, which has affected the world’s perception of home art. Fendi’s home tradition is not nostalgic, innovative but not exaggerated, and publicizes a unique and supreme attitude towards life
Fendi’s furniture has an amazing courage to “play with luxury above the stock”
the use of a large amount of fur, leather, silk and satin, saddle stitched fur, tassel leather and printed fabric makes every piece of furniture look so elegant and beautiful, and every detail is perfect. Fendi home shows not only luxury, but also an eternal classic and aristocratic style
Introduction to the 2017 Italian new product launch of the Louvre import Pavilion (the largest imported furniture experience Pavilion in China)
Fendi CASA, which has always been famous for its elegance and refinement, this time in the charming space constructed by the 2017 Milan Furniture Exhibition, inspired by contemporary architecture, let the carefully selected Lepanto and calacatta marble climb to the vertical wall, matched with the wallpaper full of misopia totem and symbolizing green vitality, in every grain, All of them are deeply embedded with Fendi’s architectural DNA integrating high-quality craft tradition and avant-garde fashion
Hampton series segmented split sofa echoes the style tables and chairs designed by Paris designer toan Nguyen in accordance with rationalism, and also draws lessons from the architect’s research spirit on volume. Visually, it presents a simple and elegant furniture curve, with a perfect combination of functionality and physics.

as we all know, in today’s furniture industry, Italy is synonymous with design and technology. On the basis of inheriting the classics of Italian production, Italian furniture integrates the needs of contemporary users and brings users a high-end and luxurious artistic atmosphere. Next, this article brings the appreciation of pictures of imported Italian furniture for everyone to enjoy and observe. If you like, you can pay attention to the official website of yourong China, where you can find the furniture brand you want

1、 CASSINA LC5_ Italian modern living room leather three person sofa

as the top furniture brand in Italy, Cassina has a long history of development. As early as the 17th century, Cassina began to engage in the production of church wood furniture. Its exquisite workmanship and focus on details made it win people’s respect and successfully won the attention of users all over the world at that time


in the trend of Italian furniture design, the Italian furniture brand Cassina adheres to the concept and consistency, forming a climax era of Italian furniture design and manufacturing centered on Milan. It has also attracted a number of talented world-class architects and designers to join the ranks of Cassina design and continuously developed new product series

2、CAVA Classical living room double sofa

cava was born in 1960 by Giuseppe campani and Vittorio vaghi. They embrace great passion and enthusiasm, and soon turn this small interior decoration store into a real company. As the requirements of customers become more and more demanding, the company is constantly improving and changing

nowadays, cava company’s new operation mode has widely spread cava sofa in the national market and Europe. Their products are endowed with new philosophical power, including the perfect harmony between ancient and modern culture, innovative technology and tradition

3、 LONGHI Mason modern living room combined sofa
Longhi was founded in Italy. He paid great attention to the design and taste of products. Through his magnificent intelligent design system, he never blindly goes with the tide, and has a pressing noble spirit and temperament in his bones. This kind of flamboyant and introverted bearing makes Longhi, an imported furniture from Italy, deeply favored by upstarts all over the world and almost become a royal household brand for upstarts

this article introduces the appreciation of pictures of imported Italian furniture to you. I believe you will be impressed by its exquisite design and workmanship. Yourong, the communication messenger of China’s high-end lifestyle, adheres to the concept of introducing pure Italian furniture and European high-end furniture and building materials products into China and the international market, and is committed to creating a high-quality and comfortable home living environment for international high-end people. Your consultation is welcome

Italian light luxury furniture pursues simple and smooth lineism in modeling, fades flashiness, pursues functional practicability, and deduces the most essential light luxury aesthetics with minimalist design techniques. In terms of materials, it adopts selected imported pure natural and environment-friendly raw materials, which will not cause any harm to human body. It is committed to providing customers with a rest harbor with the combination of function and art. However, even if the appearance of Italian furniture is simple, people can detect the profound meaning at a glance. As the fashion industry often says, “less is more”, less is more, simple and extraordinary

C& V post modern Italian furniture maintains a keen sense of modern fashion life and keeps improving the process quality. Always adhering to the design concept that simplicity and fashion are perfect, postmodern Italian furniture has its own design style, that is, simple and solemn, classic and avant-garde. In terms of technology, it pays great attention to details, integrates warmth into each process and gives extreme enjoyment

the growth of postmodern Italian furniture is inseparable from the preciseness of designers and craftsmen. The careful handling of details determines its excellent quality. Make good use of materials and make good furniture. From the introduction of raw materials, to the 90 degree cutting, edging, paint baking, polishing, dyeing and drying of the machine, to the spraying and filling of gaps, drying, polishing, coloring and drying, to the drilling, drilling and installation of accessories by the machine, and finally to the completion of packaging, every post-modern Italian furniture product has been strictly inspected through dozens of processes

explore the connotation of home in minimalism, C & amp; V dedicated to the achievement of postmodern Italian furniture

Italian imported furniture brands have been deeply loved by Chinese people for many years, with classical style, simple style and modern style. Traditional style furniture, such as Baroque, Louis XV, Louis XVI, etc. All kinds of products are the pride of countless generations of skilled craftsmen. People are infatuated with the blending of rationality and sensibility and are impressed by the artistic beauty behind them

1.& nbsp; Naturzzi international furniture brand

naturzzi design center is a source of continuous design ideas. It consists of more than 100 furniture designers, color experts, architectural designers, engineers and interior designers. In santeramo in colle, Italy, and the design center in Milan, these talented designers turned paskule Natuzzi’s creative design concept into reality. These subversive trend products drive the global sofa Market and inspire the creative enthusiasm of naturzzi design team. Naturzzi has 210 different quality tests for the materials used. 90% of the materials and semi-finished products, as well as 80% of the devices, are subject to strict quality control. This very strict and strict new product approval makes Natuzzi’s products bring value to customers

2. Poliform high-end furniture brand

poliform Italian high-end furniture brand was founded in 1942. Its products take wardrobe as the main lineup, covering cabinets (wardrobe, TV cabinet, bookcase), sofa seats, tables and chairs, beds and kitchens. Poliform is a typical Italian furniture enterprise and a leader in the international furniture industry. It pursues its own design style, simple and solemn, avant-garde and classic, and has always maintained a keen tentacle of modern fashion life. Modern and quantitative production mode makes it stand out in modern production. Poliform’s success stems from: it has always maintained a keen tentacle of modern lifestyle; Has been adhering to the unremitting pursuit of quality

3. Fendi high-end imported furniture brand

Italian brand fendi Casa Meiju is a collaborative plan extended by Fendi brand with home decoration. Since Fendi Casa Meiju series came out in 1989, it has been in a new home

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