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Which is better, Heidelberg press or gaobao press

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gaobaoyin’s large format is better. It has always been dominated by large format.

the printing quality is almost the same. If you want to print some work, you can know it. If you want to buy a machine, you must also consider: Heidelberg has a high market share, workers should be easy to find, and accessories and maintenance are much more convenient. The market share of gaobao machine is very low. At least it’s hard to find workers who drive gaobao in Beijing, so they can only cultivate themselves a little bit.

there is no way to judge specifically. The equipment of the two brands have their low, medium and high series. If you want to compare that brand well, you should start from these three aspects
1. For the configuration of printing press, at the same price, the equipment has high configuration, better performance and more appropriate cost performance
2. Calculation of maintenance cost, equipment with the same performance, cost of consumables, cost of cleaning fluid and other expenses
3. After sales service. According to the location of the factory, the manufacturer’s after-sales point is close to its own, so it can save a lot of time and cost in after-sales service
in addition, we should start from the quality requirements and printing speed requirements of our own material printing, and choose one of the two brands that is more suitable for our own equipment.

Heidelberg books and periodicals, gaobao packaging. Thick and thin paper.


it is recommended to buy Heidelberg printing press!

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