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Which company prints beer labels?

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Zhengzhou kalep Label Printing Co., Ltd. can do it. You can search “kalep label printing company” on Baidu or go to Baidu Post Bar to find tieba. /club /10626860 /P /10246676

kalop label company can make beer. The self-adhesive material used in the wine label is very demanding. As a wine label, it can break through the traditional rigid quadrilateral design, and the wine label with more personality and irregular shape makes this bottle of wine easier to stand out among many brands, so that consumers can quickly have cognition and consumption impulse, Achieve the effect of “where the label goes, eye-catching”. More surface materials choose a variety of paper, film and special materials, which provides the most creative wine packaging concept for wineries and design companies. Self adhesive surface materials include transparent film, metal effect film, smooth bright white material and traditional art paper with multiple colors and textures.
Br /> there are many places in the Pearl River Delta where the printing technology is the most mature, and you can see the lowest price. Generally, a set of ordinary aluminized paper labels is about 8 points, and the front and rear labels are added with neck labels. If the crystal is transparent, it’s usually about a hair.

common beer labels include transparent self-adhesive and aluminized paper. The neck label is generally made of pure aluminum foil or tin foil paper. The printing method is mostly UV printing, and gravure printing is also used. It has high grade requirements, good printing effect and great difficulty in plate making

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