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Which brand of automatic screen printing machine has the best quality

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which brand of automatic screen printing machine has the best quality? This is a good suggestion to be selected by the public. Baixin paper believes that it depends on the printing accuracy you need. If it is not high, you can choose some small manufacturers. After all, the price is cheap. However, those shared by flat surfaces should be customized
don’t trust the brand selection on XX online. XX won the first place in the title of XX cup. None of the screen printing factories that OEM world-famous brands have used XX’s equipment.

Guangzhou Yunyue printing equipment

the office address of Yunyue (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, the southern gate of China. It is a high-tech enterprise committed to the field of intelligent printing, integrating R & D, design, production, sales and technical services, and can provide personalized customization services. The enterprise is composed of a group of senior talents in the intelligent printing industry. The team is young, vigorous, energetic and innovative. At present, the company is in a period of rapid development, and the automatic curved surface equipment is constantly introduced to the market to fill the gap in the printing industry.

Willett CCD screen printing machine
1. Flat screen plane screen printing: the flat screen plane screen printing machine uses a flat screen plate to print on a flat substrate. During printing, the printing plate is fixed and the scraping plate moves
2. Willett flat screen and curved surface screen printing: flat screen and curved surface screen printing is a method of printing flat screen printing plate on curved substrate (such as ball, cylinder, cylinder, etc.). During printing, the ink scraper is fixed, the printing plate moves along the horizontal direction, and the substrate rotates with the printing plate
3. Willett circular screen printing: circular screen printing is a printing method in which the cylinder screen plate is equipped with a fixed ink scraper, and the cylinder plate moves synchronously with the substrate at the same linear speed.


Xiamen lingtie, an old brand, has passed Alibaba TUV strength manufacturer certification.

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