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Where does Gansu sell laser paper and aluminized paper

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do you mean the primer of laser vacuum aluminized paper? That primer is chemically toxic, such as ink, glue and primer in flexible packaging
go to Baoding post bar and ask
hehe. Let me tell you, listen and see if it makes sense. Laser label is characterized by luster and light refraction effect. It attracts the attention of consumers, is easy to make, and the cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that it is easy to copy, and the copied label is not easy to distinguish between true and false. The solution is to add anti-counterfeiting code to improve the anti-counterfeiting effect and prevent it from being copied. If you consider
laser film materials mainly include BOPP \ pet \ PVC, etc; Laser film can be divided into: transparent laser film, aluminized laser film, aluminized laser transfer film, laser medium film, medium transfer film, laser pre coating film, etc. There are three main ways to make laser paper
I have never heard of laser paper as a medal maker. Only laser
is used for book cover paper and holiday gift box packaging. The material belongs to the thin type, and the surface is printed with smooth plastic texture, which is waterproof. The attached drawing of color waterproof laser packaging paper
there is a special offset printing ink specially used for printing this paper. It is an imported brand. Ask the ink suppliers
it uses the principle of reflected light diffraction. Now many anti-counterfeiting labels are still using this technology, but the upgrade is more advanced
Shanghai Zijiang aluminum spray, Zhejiang adier, Shaoxing Tiger color, Shaoxing Jingsheng, Danyang Daya technology, Shanghai Lvxin packaging, Jiangyin tereda, Wuxi guangqun, Qingdao Jiaze, Weifang Huagang, Shantou Wanshun, etc
aluminum foil is rolled from pure aluminum; Pet is a kind of plastic polyester film; Laser paper is a paper made by processing laser transfer coating on PET film, molding laser pattern and electroplating aluminum layer, then compounding with paper and peeling off pet.

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