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Home Uncategorized When eating barreled instant noodles, the upper layer of packaging to be opened feels silky. What is it made of?

When eating barreled instant noodles, the upper layer of packaging to be opened feels silky. What is it made of?

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Hello, I have been engaged in film production for many years, and I am very familiar with it and suitable for answering

I probably understand the meaning of the subject. What you said is that the film that needs to be uncovered when eating bucket noodles feels very silky, right. As a packaging manufacturer, it can be said responsibly that this layer of silky packaging is the credit of easy peeling film

as the name suggests, it is a functional film. The biggest feature is that it can be lifted easily, which is why it is silky. Easy release film is widely used in jelly, barrel surface, yogurt and other packaging


hope to adopt, thank you

it is a kind of synthetic material. Inside it is ordinary paper (with printing and coating, which can play a waterproof role). Secondly, there are waterproof coatings on both sides. Finally, it is wrapped with plastic film to strengthen waterproof, because inside it is dry instant noodles.

the film on the inner wall of all barreled instant noodles is edible wax, which is very difficult to digest and will form a diaphragm on the stomach wall to prevent the secretion of digestive juice. Once someone had to go to the hospital for surgery because of the long-term consumption of barreled instant noodles, which covered the stomach wall with a layer of edible wax. As a result, he never came off the operating table again. Therefore, when eating barreled instant noodles, it’s best not to bubble it directly with the noodles barrel, but with a bowl or plate (for reference only)

the layer you should say is edible wax. It’s OK to eat it once in a while, but if you eat it often, it should be ingested by the body. It’s still bad for your health. When I usually eat instant noodles, I take out the dough cake in the bucket. Cook it in a small milk pot at home.

it’s a kind of paper. It’s just plastic film on the surface. It’s not a strange thing. For example, the packaging of many beef jerky is the same. There is a waterproof film inside.

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