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What’s your favorite food packaging?

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I think good food packaging should meet the following requirements in order:

first, it can maintain food hygiene and food safety

as the name suggests, food packaging is used to package food. First, it should meet the most basic functions of packaging and maintain food hygiene and food safety. At present, food packaging has many advanced technologies, so that the freshness, nutrition and taste of food can be maintained as much as possible. For example, the inflatable technology of potato chips and Tetra Pak packaging of milk and fruit juice are all designed to meet the minimum requirements of packaging


II. For the convenience of eating

after meeting the minimum requirements, the food packaging should try to meet the eating habits of consumers. For example, small snacks are made into small packages that are convenient to carry and store, the way of opening and sealing food packages is optimized, and the packaging capacity meets the consumption of consumers’ habits, etc. Only for the sake of consumers, packaging is scientific and high-quality packaging

As the saying goes: people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. A good food packaging should be beautiful enough. Whether it is to arouse consumers’ appetite or bring out an artistic conception consistent with the content, a good packaging can make the food icing on the cake, increase the psychological satisfaction of consumers, and even turn the tide and sell simple food with a fresh feeling. For example, Weilong spicy bar adopts a brand-new food packaging, so that the junk food with three noes in the impression of spicy bar can be transformed into the feeling of fashion and big brand today

IV. have enough recognition

if you can’t be the most beautiful, then be the most unique. The packaging of coconut milk products of Yefeng company can be said to be quite simple and rough. The large advertising text that has remained unchanged for decades remains unchanged, but it is unique in the pursuit of new ideas and unique beverage shelves. Food packaging with identification and creativity is comparable to the advertising effect of tens of millions of dollars, which easily makes food stand out

food packaging is a unique marketing science, which should be practical, beautiful, convenient and marketable. Good food packaging puts wings on good food

My favorite food packaging, of course, is high-end and high-grade. It looks exquisite, small and lovely. It’s the kind that likes to be placed at home and the kind that packing boxes are reluctant to throw away. For example,

& nbsp; For example, it is packaged in exquisite paper shell. Then there is the kind of waterproof paper, which is very good and looks very expensive. Add a bow or a flower or something. It will be more exquisite, especially the one that can be carried by hand, especially the one that is in a large bag and then filled with many small boxes. Then the color of each box is different. Each small box is dressed differently. This will give me a great sense of freshness and delicacy. In particular, girls should prefer this kind of brightly colored and various. Each color gives people a different feeling, and it is still stored for a long time and has many uses. So even if you don’t like eating, you also like to buy it and put it at home

Another example is the kind of canned and bottled. Generally, canned and bottled products will appear a little higher grade. Small jars of different shapes. It always gives people a lovely and playful feeling. And you can keep it, especially those sugars. You can also put them at home as decorations. Like those cans, if you change a shape, change it to square, heart-shaped, diamond shaped. Change the cover, beautiful, lively and gorgeous. Change the way food is opened, twist, pull and pat. Then it will be very novel. It will give people a different feeling. Everything is outstanding because of novelty, and everything is flattering because of the beginning

Then there are the packaging of some gift boxes, which I especially like. There is no doubt that the expensive gifts sold in supermarkets are because the boxes are beautiful. Not because of the taste of their own food to improve the grade. So it shows that packaging is a great knowledge, and if it is used well. There will be many customers coming to buy, and the performance will be improved. Most people like exquisite gift boxes. And I think as long as you work hard, you will be loved by everyone. The market law is often that the price is directly proportional to the decoration of the box

Finally, I want to say. Even if the packaging of the box is important. More importantly, the quality of food. Just don’t live up to everyone’s trust in the seller. The most important word in the food market is safety. I believe everyone thinks so. Just like a gorgeous appearance, it can’t hide the quality of the essence. If the food is healthy and tastes excellent, no matter how bad the packaging is, it will not disappoint everyone’s love for her

there is no doubt that it must be vacuum packaging. After all, food is directly imported, which is essentially different from other commodity types. Although it can not be determined to be healthy after vacuuming, it should at least be more reassuring than ordinary packaging. Besides, vacuum packaging is easier to find out whether there is damage, which is also a technical advantage that ordinary packaging can’t compare, I believe this view can be more recognized

of course, food is also divided into many types. If it is cooked food that can be eaten directly, I feel that the packaging after vacuum pumping is not only beautiful, but also can ensure the safety and hygiene of food materials. Although the conventional ordinary packaging can be improved in the production process, it can not be affected by the packaging form, but as consumers, their professional knowledge of the production process is extremely scarce, Therefore, vacuum packaging will still be recognized from the senses

for bread and nut ornaments, vacuum packaging may not have a significant impact on the quality of food, while individuals of such commodities prefer the packaging with easy pull buckle, especially nut food, because it is difficult to eat them at one time after opening the packaging. If the outer packaging is installed with easy pull buckle, it can be more convenient for induction and quality assurance, This is also the substantial impact of packaging type on commodity sales

in fact, before deciding on the packaging form, manufacturers must have done sufficient market research. They will have professional knowledge of which packaging is safe and which packaging is hygienic. However, as ordinary consumers, it may be difficult to choose the packaging form from a professional perspective. At this time, personal preferences play a decisive role. Therefore, vacuum packaging is only my consumption habit formed over the years, It may be difficult to show obvious representativeness in real society

for a person who buys everything with acceptable quality, but the packaging must be good-looking, I have a say in this question! Yes, welcome to Yan dog’s world

I usually eat snacks. I especially like snacks from Japan and South Korea, huh… Let’s not say I’m not patriotic. Who makes their snacks so girly? Of course, I will also introduce some snacks with good packaging in China. I’m sure I’ll block Lotte products in Korea. Don’t worry about it

1. Ocean heart cake

this net red cake is one of my favorite cakes. I almost always give it to my best friend on her birthday. The decoration and packaging of the cake are very in line with the theme of “ocean heart”. The light blue pudding is covered with several chocolate shells, and the “yellow” of the cake part is used as the beach, which makes people seem to smell the faint saltiness of the sea water ~

2 Japanese White Lover biscuit

I believe many people have eaten this biscuit. It not only tastes delicious, but also has a simple and fresh package. From the inside to the outside, it is also a color combination of light blue and dark blue. Zhang Jike often buys it from Fukuhara Ai, which is very suitable for giving it to his girlfriend ~

3 Japanese Nara Yoshino Sakura beverage

How can Japanese make a bottle of beverage so fresh and refined! It is the great love of this literary and artistic young woman! I’ve never seen anyone who can open a flower in a drink. I feel that after drinking, I can become a fairy with wood! If the domestic flower tea can also be made into this kind of packaging, I’m sure to sprinkle money on them. I won’t be soft

4. All kinds of lovely packaged cookies

in order for us to buy their things, these businesses racked their brains to make the cookie box so exquisite. Good, good, I’ll eat your set. There are almost no cookies with bad packaging. It’s not important that you’re not delicious. The key is that the box must be able to hold hands

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