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What’s the difference between modified atmosphere meat and cold fresh meat?

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nutritionists believe that there is an active substance of ATP in the body of pigs after slaughter. If they are eaten immediately, its nutritional value is not as good as cooling before eating; If it is cooled at 0-4 ° C for 24 hours after slaughter, ATP will lose its activity and realize the acid removal process. The pork texture will become soft, fragrant, good taste and conducive to human absorption. This kind of meat is called “cooled meat”

the packaging of cold fresh meat includes vacuum packaging, nitrogen filling packaging and modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. Because the color of cold fresh meat in vacuum packaging and nitrogen filled packaging is dark and loses the original fresh color of fresh meat after packaging, in order to solve the problems of short shelf life and discoloration of chilled meat at the same time, at present, European and American countries adopt a method to make cold fresh meat safer and prolong the shelf life by three to five times than that of general packaging (2-3 days), namely modified atmosphere packaging (map). Here are the following:

1 Basic principle

(1) use high barrier EVOH barrier material to isolate the cooled meat from the outside air

(2) the mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide is filled to make the meat bright and inhibit the growth of bacteria

2. Function


the color of meat depends on three states of myoglobin on the muscle surface:

(1) hypoxia during vacuum and nitrogen filling packaging, myoglobin packaging becomes reduced myoglobin, and the meat is light purple

(2) when meat is exposed to air for a long time, myoglobin changes to ferrimyoglobin, and the muscle is dark brown

(3) when a certain amount of oxygen is maintained in the package, myoglobin is transformed into oxygenated myoglobin, and the muscle presents the bright red color of fresh meat

the composition of mixed gas filled in is: the ratio of O2 + CO2 is 80% and 20%

the function of oxygen is to make the meat color bright red that consumers like. The color of meat is very important to consumers’ psychology. We know that the combination of myoglobin and oxygen in fresh meat determines the color of fresh meat. The closed container is filled with 80% oxygen, so that the meat can not only maintain bright color, but also avoid discoloration due to too much oxygen. The function of 20% carbon dioxide is to inhibit a small amount of residual bacteria during slaughter and prolong the shelf life

3. Advantages of modified atmosphere packaging

modified atmosphere packaging technology for chilled meat has been used by many enterprises in China. Hebei Fucheng Wufeng Food Co., Ltd., China’s largest beef manufacturer, has been officially adopted and put on the market after the Spring Festival in 2003. From the perspective of operation, the modified atmosphere packaging of chilled meat has the following advantages:

(1) prevent the drying of meat

because the chilled meat is enclosed in an independent system, the moisture of meat is not easy to lose, so that the meat is kept in a fresh and moist environment

(2) oxidation and corruption are controlled

because the amount of oxygen in the closed system is controlled, the meat will neither turn white due to hypoxia nor turn brown due to the continuous supply of oxygen. Therefore, the meat color remained fresh and tender for a certain period of time. As a result of carbon dioxide control, a small amount of bacteria remaining in meat products are controlled, which also makes bacteria difficult to spread and grow, and increases the shelf life of meat products. Under the condition of refrigeration, the shelf life of meat products is increased from 2-3 days to 6-10 days

(3) it provides the safety and hygiene of meat products. The fewer intermediate links, the less risk of contamination

(4) it can be displayed on the shelf and attracted the attention of consumers due to its bright color and the anti fog function of cover material

with closed small packaging, products can easily be placed on shelves. Due to the action of oxygen, the color of meat is bright and attractive. Moreover, because the cover material adopts a film with anti fog function, the shape and color of the meat can enter the fundus of the eye. Therefore, the modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf makes the goods have a very attractive selling appearance to consumers

(5) brand effect

as consumers pay more and more attention to the safety of meat products, consumers have more and more trust in the safety assurance held by large enterprises. Therefore, the establishment of a special modified atmosphere packaging shelf marked with the enterprise brand in the supermarket can also establish the enterprise image and reflect the enterprise brand value

(6) reduce the delivery times and save the transportation cost

due to the extension of the shelf life, the original daily delivery can be reduced to once every 2-3 days, reducing the transportation cost

to sum up, the production of cold and fresh meat by enterprises has broad development prospects, and the use of composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is also an inevitable trend; Then, whoever is the first to master advanced technology will gain an advantage in the future struggle and occupy a major position in the market.

the difference between qitiao road and cold fresh meat is that qitiao road is relatively fresh cold fresh meat. It sleeps for a long time and is also frozen. Its freshness is not enough

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