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What’s the difference between laser paper and laser film

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laser film materials mainly include bopppetpvc, etc; Laser film can be divided into: transparent laser film, aluminized laser film, aluminized laser transfer film, laser medium film, medium transfer film, laser pre coating film, etc
there are three main ways to make laser paper:
1. Directly compound the laser film with the paper to make laser paper
2. Transfer the laser pattern onto the paper by transfer method
3. A kind of special laser paper, which can directly imprint the laser pattern on the paper. This kind of laser paper is generally expensive.

first, laser film; Generally, computer dot matrix lithography technology, 3D true color holographic technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology are used. After molding, the holographic image with rainbow dynamic and three-dimensional effect is transferred to pet, BOPP, PVC or coated substrate, and then the commodity packaging surface can obtain a certain laser effect by means of compounding, hot stamping and transfer
BOPP laser film can be divided into: plain laser. Millet dot laser, Golden Millet dot laser, small square laser, generous square laser, snowflake laser, small round dot laser, etc.

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