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What should be paid attention to in the use of winding film

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wear gloves, the paper tube will heat up
when you first use it, the film will be very thin. Pull it slowly and be careful that it will break!

precautions for use of winding film

winding film can be used for combined (cluster) packaging and outer packaging of irregular objects or commodities. It can not only replace the appearance of transparent and dustproof cartons, but also increase the attractiveness of all kinds of products

precautions for use of winding film:

1 It will lead to the phenomenon that the customer will break when pulling the winding film. When packing, pay attention to the maintenance of the edge to avoid collision, resulting in edge rupture and quality problems. As long as there is a little crack, it is also a rare problem reported by the customer. There can be no rough edges


2. If it is cut neatly and unevenly, it cannot be shipped as waste products. When making goods, both ends must be rolled neatly. If the edge material is broken, it should be cut neatly, not more here and less there

3. Try to reduce the appearance folds at both ends and the red compressed lines in the middle, which will seriously affect the aesthetics

4. One side should not be long while the other is short. The blank space on both sides should be about 1cm. The paper tube must be aligned

5. The die head shall be cleaned clean and free of black impurities. There shall be no scorched plastic falling in. If it can be found by the naked eye, it must be removed immediately.

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