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What should be paid attention to in injection molding quality inspection???

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Injection molding auto accessories!!

make a long story short. Quality inspector is a job with a strong sense of responsibility!!! The production process must be strictly observed. Don’t be careless. We should gradually master the production process and technology, learn more, study more and use our brains more. Do your own work for the development of the enterprise and control the quality for the enterprise.

1. Strength of injection molded parts 2 Appearance of injection molded parts (finish, flow marks, crazes, etc.) 3 Proportion of raw materials. 4. It is better to establish a process card (record the injection molding process, and the temperature and pressure of the equipment are within a certain range, which can also ensure the quality of the product)

problems needing attention in injection molding quality inspection:


the thimble position shall not be higher than the plane, and the nozzle position shall not protrude and be flat

there is no obvious shrinkage, flower mark, stain, irregularity, defect and other phenomena on the surface

the column position shall not be white, deformed, uneven glue and other defects& nbsp;

be careful when picking up the product

the water cutting nozzle shall be flat, and the product shall not be cut or raised

the batch edge shall be processed according to the template, and there shall be no batch damage and missing batch

the oil stain of degreasing parts shall be removed with white electric oil

packaging shall be carried out according to the packaging requirements

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