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What safety hazards are marked on edible oil stickers?

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Where is the labeling machine easy to cause harm to people

production must comply with the enterprise safety production specifications
1. There may be risks of entanglement, winding or extrusion in all rotating places, such as conveyor belt, wheel rolling label and clamp clamping bottle, but the motor power of labeling machine is not large, and the risk coefficient is not too high. Be careful with large conveyor belt
2. If the code printer is used for date printing, pay attention to prevent scalding, if the laser code is used, Prevent damage to eyes
3. Of course, electricity has the risk of electric leakage, and pay attention to the maintenance of the circuit
4. The equipment is generally equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons, which can stop the whole production line immediately. Pay attention to popularizing knowledge and getting familiar with the location in daily use or training
these are the experience in practical work and hope to be adopted

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