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What professional magazines are there in the injection molding machine industry?

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Part VI: visit Henan Cologne company. On the afternoon of November 21, we took a bus to Henan Cologne company and began our new internship. Cologne company mainly produces all kinds of evaporators and condensers, and first enters the condenser production workshop. After bending, welding, testing, coating and other processes, various types of copper and aluminum tubes become condensers, which can be listed after packaging. The second workshop visited is the account blowing branch, which is composed of pre-treatment area, coil area, riveting area, plate shearing area, vulcanization area, paint dipping area, film covering area, scrap area, finished product storage area and other working areas. The product is completed through coil process, assembly and welding process, leakage test process, low-pressure pipe process, function test process, packaging process and other processes. The leakage test process is a key process, and the key parameters are: time and pressure. Cologne mainly produces condensers and evaporators of refrigerators of Haier, Rongshida and other brands, such as 196dt or 188k /a refrigerated tubesheet evaporator and 205 or 192 Rongshida refrigerated tubesheet evaporator. In Cologne company, my biggest feeling is that the complex condenser and evaporator, with the cooperation of various equipment and staff, become a condenser or evaporator with a simple copper tube after completing various processes. In fact, equipment and instruments play an extremely important role during this period. Without a variety of equipment and instruments, it is difficult to produce a simple screw, let alone mass production. Part VII: visit Jinlong group. On the morning of November 22, I took a bus to Jinlong group early. As soon as I got off the bus, the magnificent buildings and style of Jinlong group told me that Jinlong group will be the most powerful enterprise I visited in my internship these days. Sure enough, as soon as I entered the door, “copper pipe engineering research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences” and “post doctoral scientific research station” came into my eyes. My heart was shocked and I was proud of the opportunity to come here for internship. At 9:15, under the arrangement of the company’s leaders, we watched the promotional film of Jinlong group. I still remember a sentence in it – if the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner, then the copper pipe is the blood vessel of the air conditioner. Subsequently, the leaders of the company delivered an important speech, which can be summarized as follows: 1. Introduction to Jinlong group; 2. The role and position of copper pipe in China’s copper industry; 3. The importance of corporate culture; 4. Purpose of the enterprise. In the “promotional film of Jinlong group” and the speech of the company leaders, I have a preliminary understanding of Jinlong. Jinlong group, with an annual output of 350000 tons, has branches in Shanghai, Zhuhai, Chongqing, Yantai and other places, mainly producing various copper pipes and metal parts with a diameter of 3.8-30mm, a weight of 80-300kg and a length of 5-200m. The company aims at “creating high-quality products for customers, creating value for employees and creating wealth for the society”, takes “understanding, support, loyalty and dedication” as the cultural spirit, and takes “respect, learning, innovation and Transcendence” as the cultural concept. Now it has 11 modern high-precision copper coil production lines, 13 specialized production workshops for internal thread copper coil and 2 fluorine-free copper pipe production lines for refrigerators. All the key equipment adopts the sophisticated equipment of German SMS, schumag, Junker and induga companies, British MRB company, Australian company, Italian Olivotto company and Finnish Outokumpu company. It has a high degree of automation and strong production support capacity, which lays an equipment guarantee for the output of high-quality products. Later, we visited the second branch of Xinxiang business department and the third branch of Xinxiang business department. The large and sophisticated equipment opened my eyes. Although I didn’t understand their working principle, the orderly team and complete production line were enough to prove Jinlong’s advantages and power. Later, under the explanation of the staff, it was “a great harvest”, especially the cleaning of copper pipe and the production of internal thread of ACR copper pipe. Special cleaning agent must be used for the cleaning of copper pipe, and it should be very careful, because it is closely related to the future use of copper pipe. As the production of ACR copper pipe involves company secrets, we have a brief knowledge of its characteristics and watch the products. As a large enterprise, Jinlong group plays an important role not only in China’s copper industry, but also in the global copper industry. However, it is regrettable that most of Jinlong’s production lines, equipment and technologies are imported from abroad, and there are almost no “achievements” of our national enterprises. This has also exposed the situation that China’s technology is backward and controlled by others.

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