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What procedures and certificates do you need to go through to set up a plastic particle processing factory?

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I want to set up a processing factory specializing in the production of woven bag plastic particles. I don’t know what procedures and certificates need to be handled. Please give me some advice. I’m from Luliang, Shanxi. How much will it cost to do it all.

the basic steps are as follows:
1. First go to the industrial and commercial department for name approval Some industries need pre – approval from relevant departments
2. Capital verification of registered capital
3. Find the competent department For industry, there is an approval document for the economic and Trade Bureau or the economic and Trade Bureau, and for agriculture, there is an approval document
4. Prepare and hand in the materials according to the requirements of the industrial and commercial department. Generally, you can get the business license within 15 days
5. Get the tax registration certificate from the tax department

the materials of the self employed business license are as follows:

1 Original and copy of ID card

2. ID photo


3. Copy of the factory’s house property certificate (house property certificate or land certificate). If it is rented, the original and copy of the lease contract are also required

production process

1, polystyrene foam particle insulation brick

2, foamed plastic particle mixing lightweight soil and production method

3, production of pouring ball shaped plastic filled particles method

4, plastic particle preheater

5, continuous crystal method and device for plastic particles,

6, waste floc manufacturing CA plastic particles and special wire drawing machine

7, Low dust particles of plastic additives

8. Inorganic pigment particles for coloring plastics, paints and building materials and their production methods

9. Equipment for depositing granular materials or soil on plastic films spread on the surface of landfill or other locations

10. Plastic particle fusion filter element

11. Manufacturing method for cutting plastic film particles

12 The preparation methods of granulation aids for plastics processing are

13, plastic pipe pellet seat cushion

14, liner plastic pipe particle seat cushion


16 clothing with foamed plastic particles as interlining filler,

17 for plastic particle flotation for domestic refuse,

18 for plastic dehumidification drying system, and method for preparing colored plastics or colored polymeric particles,

19. Method for producing plastic soluble particles

the establishment of a plastic particle processing plant requires the approval of the environmental protection department before it can apply for a business license
the materials of the individual business license are as follows:
the original and copy of the ID card, the photo of the certificate, and the copy of the factory’s real estate certificate (real estate certificate or land certificate). If it is rented, it also needs the original and copy of the lease contract. If the above materials are complete, you can get the business license in more than a week, and the fee is 23 yuan
in addition, remember to go to the local local local tax and national tax departments to apply for the tax registration certificate within 30 days after getting the business license. You need to provide a copy of your ID card, business license, lease contract and other materials. The cost is 15 yuan /certificate

1. There is a big difference between the woven bag plastic processing plant you set up and whether it uses waste plastics for re granulation or directly produces raw materials

2. To granulate waste plastics, you need to go through environmental protection procedures. If it is raw material granulation, you can directly go through fire fighting.

3. To handle the plant in Luliang, Shanxi Province, the whole plant, including equipment, is estimated to be more than 2 million, but it depends on how many equipment you have, and the price proportion of equipment is large

find a remote place, or you won’t be able to protect the environment! It’s easy to register for manufacturing or plastic processing

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