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What license is needed to produce chili sauce

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the production of chili sauce requires a food production license

according to the measures for the administration of food production license:


Article 2 & nbsp; Within the territory of the people’s Republic of China, enterprises engaged in food production activities and the implementation of food production licenses by quality and technical supervision departments must abide by these measures& nbsp;& nbsp;

Article 3 & nbsp; An enterprise shall not engage in food production activities without obtaining a food production license& nbsp;& nbsp;

Article 6 & nbsp; The establishment of a food production enterprise shall obtain a food production license in accordance with the relevant requirements of food safety laws and regulations and these measures after the name is approved in advance by the Department for Industry and commerce& nbsp;& nbsp;

Article 9 & nbsp; Where a food production enterprise is to be established to apply for a food production license, it shall submit it to the local quality and technical supervision department (hereinafter referred to as the licensing authority) and submit the following materials: & nbsp& nbsp;

(1) application for food production license& nbsp;& nbsp;

(2) a copy of the applicant’s ID card (statement) or qualification certificate& nbsp;& nbsp;

(3) Notice on the name of the food production enterprise to be established& nbsp;& nbsp;

(IV) plan of food production and processing site and its surrounding environment and layout plan of each functional section of production and processing& nbsp;& nbsp;

(V) list of food production equipment and facilities& nbsp;& nbsp;

(VI) food production process flow chart and equipment layout& nbsp;& nbsp;

(VII) list of professional technicians and managers of food safety& nbsp;& nbsp;

(VIII) text of food safety management rules and regulations& nbsp;& nbsp;

(IX) food safety standards implemented by the product; For the implementation of enterprise standards, the enterprise standards recorded by the administrative department of public health must be provided& nbsp;& nbsp;

(10) other supporting materials required by relevant laws and regulations& nbsp;& nbsp;

the materials submitted for applying for food production license shall be true, legal and effective. The applicant shall sign on the application for food production license and other materials for confirmation

extended data

Article 35 & nbsp; The State implements a licensing system for food production and operation. To engage in food production, food sales and catering services, a license shall be obtained according to law. However, the sale of edible agricultural products does not require a license

Article 36; Small food production and processing workshops and food vendors engaged in food production and operation activities shall meet the food safety requirements applicable to their production and operation scale and conditions stipulated in this law, and ensure that the food produced and operated is hygienic, non-toxic and harmless. The food safety supervision and administration department shall strengthen its supervision and Administration& nbsp;& nbsp;

local people’s governments at or above the county level shall comprehensively manage small food production and processing workshops and food vendors, strengthen services and unified planning, improve their production and operation environment, encourage and support them to improve their production and operation conditions, enter fixed places such as centralized trading markets and shops, or operate in designated temporary operation areas and periods

Article 41 & nbsp; The production of food related products shall comply with laws, regulations and national food safety standards. For food related products with high risks such as packaging materials in direct contact with food, the production license shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the state on the administration of production license for industrial products. The food safety supervision and administration department shall strengthen the supervision and administration of the production activities of food related products& nbsp;& nbsp;

Article 42 & nbsp; The state has established a whole process traceability system for food safety& nbsp;& nbsp;

food producers and operators shall establish a food safety traceability system in accordance with the provisions of this law to ensure food traceability. The State encourages food producers and operators to adopt information-based means to collect and retain production and operation information, and establish a food safety traceability system

reference source: Yizhang County People’s Government – measures for the administration of food production license

go to the industry and commerce to ask

homemade garlic chili sauce


pepper, garlic, salt, high alcohol (note that it must be high), bottle


1. Wash the pepper and garlic and dry the water! (be sure to dry!) The kitchen knife and chopping board are also washed and dried

2. The proportion of pepper and garlic can be determined according to personal preference. Then chop the chili and garlic separately

3. It’s enough to break it to your satisfaction

4. Mix the broken garlic and pepper, and then sprinkle salt

5. Add high alcohol. Don’t put too much. If you put too much chili sauce, there will be more juice. Just put a little in the right amount

6. Mix the chili sauce well! Remember to wear disposable gloves when making, otherwise your hands will be very uncomfortable with hot pepper

7. Finally, put it in a bottle and seal it! It can be eaten after being sealed for a month! Remember not to open the bottle halfway


1. Put the prepared chili sauce in the cabinet instead of the refrigerator. It won’t go bad for a year! The longer the time, the more fragrant it will be

2. Of course, there is another premise. The utensils for eating chili sauce every time should not be stained with water or oil, otherwise the chili sauce will deteriorate when it touches water or oil

there is no need to apply for food hygiene license for production and processing. After June 1 this year, the processing link will be fully supervised by the quality supervision department, and only the food production license will be handled in the future.

the food production license is QS, which is issued by the Bureau of quality and technical supervision The “QS” sign is printed on the commodity label. It’s just a sign
before applying for this license, we should first find out the business license, health license, organization code certificate It’s quite troublesome. You can consult the local Quality Supervision Bureau for details

Industrial and commercial business license, hygiene license, food production license

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