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What kind of machine is used to bond the belt joint of printing machine and box pasting machine

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in the packaging and printing industry, the application of box pasting machine is the last process of packaging box processing, which is to fold the printed and die-cut paperboard and stick it to life. The machine box pasting replaces the manual box pasting method, which reduces the labor cost and improves the efficiency. The position of the box pasting machine is divided into paper feeding part, pre folding part, hook bottom, forming part and box pressing part. According to the function, the box pasting machine can be divided into straight paste machine, bottom hook paste machine, etc. the general box pasting machine does not have the function of groove bottom or even pre folding, and the better one has pre folding. Of course, most of the box pasting machines now have pre folding. Of course, the groove bottom paste machine must be used to make the bottom hook box. The box pasting machine with better function can also make hexagonal and heterosexual boxes, but it should be equipped with glue spraying system and other devices.

generally, the belt of the paper feeding part of the box pasting machine head is seamless and vulcanized without joint. If the belt with interface is not durable, there is basically no belt with interface in the current process. If you still use the belt with interface, it is a very old model. The current technological innovation pays off the loan quickly, The tape of the origami department uses the double blue chip baseband, which is connected by a special interface machine. If you use it yourself, you don’t need to buy a machine to connect it. If you can connect it for free, you can baidu our company

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