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What is the raw material of wrapping paper

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packaging paper includes kraft paper, chicken skin paper, paper bag paper, parchment, cellophane, tarmac paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder packaging paper, neutral packaging paper, translucent paper, antirust paper, oil proof paper, food packaging paper, paraffin paper, tea bag paper, red electro-optic gun paper, vacuum aluminized paper, etc. Among them, kraft paper is commonly used:
kraft paper: kraft paper is made by beating Kraft softwood pulp and copying it on a long net paper machine
chicken skin paper: generally, it is made of unbleached sulfite wood pulp, free beating of long fiber, and without bleaching, which is made by Yankee single cylinder paper machine or long net paper machine
parchment: the main raw materials are chemical wood pulp and rag pulp. After the raw materials are made into paper sheets, they are sent to 72% concentrated sulfuric acid bath for treatment for a few minutes. This process is called “parchment” function
cellophane: regenerated cellulose has a wonderful air permeability between its molecular groups, which is very beneficial to the preservation of goods. It is not fire-resistant but heat-resistant, can not deform under the high temperature of 190 ℃, and can be disinfected together with food in food packaging. In addition, because the raw material of cellophane comes from nature, it has strong decomposability
tarpaulin: a kind of moisture-proof packaging paper. It is a processing paper formed by coating asphalt between two layers of base paper

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