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What is the material of ham sausage outer package

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the outer packaging material of ham sausage is PVDC blown film and polyvinylidene chloride. It is a kind of packaging material with high barrier, which has the characteristics of low air permeability and moisture permeability, excellent oil and chemical resistance, good fragrance retention and so on

plastic casing film packaging material has developed rapidly in recent years. It is mainly used in meat packaging. It is widely used in packaging sausage, ham sausage, red sausage, pink sausage, sandwich sausage, garlic sausage, minced sausage and so on

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PA casings include ordinary nylon casings, shrink nylon casings and composite nylon casings. Shrinkable nylon casing film was successfully developed and put into production in China in 1994. It is suitable for low-temperature hot meat casing film, while PVDC is suitable for high-temperature hot meat casing

low temperature meat sausage coating membrane maintains the original flavor of meat and has more nutrients. After packing meat, the surface of ordinary PA6 casing is easy to wrinkle and not smooth enough. However, after packing meat, the shrinkable pv6 film can make the surface smooth and flat due to shrinkage after high-temperature cooking and sterilization. It has good strength and higher barrier than ordinary nylon casing film. Shrink nylon cloth casing film can shrink 14% at 80 ℃

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – plastic casing

it is called PVDC casing, which has high barrier performance
it is mainly used for packaging ham sausage, high temperature resistance and sterilization. It is suitable for industrial mass production of ham sausage on high-frequency welding automatic enema machine. This function of PVDC is mainly widely used in China, and the annual use of PVDC resin is more than 30000 t.

polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) is a homopolymer of vinylidene chloride. Polyvinylidene chloride resin has high gas, oxygen and water resistance, so it is mainly used in occasions requiring high barrier performance. It is mainly used to manufacture films and heat shrinkable films to package food, such as meat or other food and drugs.


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