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What is the market development of packaging machinery?

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with the improvement of our living standards, it is not difficult for us to find that we can see a lot of packaging products around us. Whether our daily necessities, some food or some industrial products need different forms of packaging, then the current packaging machine must be essential. Therefore, the packaging machine is very marketable in China. What is the current development trend of packaging machine in China? It has to be said that its demand is great. Now we can see all kinds of things around us. We can take a closer look to see if most of them need packaging. Moreover, with the improvement of our living standards, the demand for various products will also increase, which not only promotes the sales of goods, but also promotes the use of packaging. Then, packaging is used more, Packaging machines have become more and more marketable. The current development trend of packaging machine in China is very good, and the market prospect of packaging machine is also very good, which has brought great help to all aspects of our life and made our life and work more convenient.

packaging machinery refers to the machinery that can complete the packaging process of all or part of products and commodities. The use of mechanical packaging products can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of large-scale production and meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene. China’s packaging machinery started relatively late and has not formed a complete industrial system in 1990. After the ninth five year plan, China’s packaging machinery has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. After entering 2000, it still grows at a rate of about 20%

after more than 20 years of development, China’s packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, and remarkable achievements have been made in both output and output value

according to the market research and investment forecast analysis report of China’s packaging machinery manufacturing industry released by, China has become the world’s largest commodity production and export country. At the same time, the world’s attention is also focused on China’s packaging market with the fastest development, the largest scale and the most potential. In 2010, the packaging machinery manufacturing industry had 343 Enterprises above Designated Size (annual sales revenue of more than 5 million yuan), 39400 employees, total assets of 18.974 billion yuan, sales revenue of 17.705 billion yuan and total profit of 1.185 billion yuan

although the domestic packaging machinery market has broad prospects, problems such as single machine automation, poor stability and reliability, unsightly appearance and short service life also make domestic packaging machinery products criticized. At the same time, the R & D of most of China’s more advanced packaging machinery is still in the imitation stage, and the ability of independent development is very limited

to this end, many large foreign enterprises have introduced their technologies and components into China and processed them locally, thus reducing costs. They not only seize market share in the high-end market, but also compete fiercely with domestic enterprises in the medium and low-end market

in order to meet the needs of the rapid development of food, pharmaceutical and other related industries and actively participate in international competition, China’s packaging machinery must break the industry trend of “small but scattered” and continue to move forward in the direction of “high precision”. With the development trend of high-precision and modular technology in the future, the packaging industry will be diversified in structure and automation

according to the analysis of the research group of the packaging machinery manufacturing industry of, with the change of the market, the domestic packaging machinery is also growing, and the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are developing in the direction of developing fast, low-energy and low-cost packaging equipment. At present, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to the research of high-tech, servo labeling machine, high-quality production and reliable service. In the future, with the support of relevant policies and the development of relevant industries, the growth rate of packaging machinery manufacturing industry is expected to remain above 18%. By 2015, the market scale of the industry (Enterprises above Designated Size) will be nearly 45 billion yuan

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