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What is the main purpose of packaging?

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the main purpose of packaging is to beautify

1. Realize commodity value and use value, and this is also a means to increase commodity value

2. Protect commodities from natural factors such as sunlight, rain and dust pollution, and prevent losses such as volatilization, leakage, melting, pollution, collision, extrusion, loss and theft


3. Bring convenience to the storage, transportation, adjustment and sales of circulation links, such as loading and unloading, inventory, stacking, delivery, receiving, transshipment, sales counting, etc

4. Beautifying goods and attracting customers are conducive to sales promotion

classification of packaging

1. According to the product sales scope, it is divided into domestic product packaging and export product packaging

2. According to the role of packaging in the circulation process, there are single package, medium package and outer package

3. According to the packaging materials, there are paper product packaging, plastic product packaging, metal packaging, bamboo and wood packaging, glass container packaging and composite material packaging

4. According to the number of times of packaging use: once used packaging, multiple used packaging and turnover packaging

5. According to the degree of softness and hardness of packaging containers, there are hard packaging, semi hard packaging and soft packaging

1. The purpose of packaging
introduce the goods. Through the elements on the packaging, consumers can understand the content, brand and name of the goods
the shelf life, nutrition table, bar code, load-bearing limit, environmental protection label and other information of marked commodities must be clearly marked one by one in accordance with laws and regulations
communication in order to enhance the corporate image, some enterprises will attach some caring articles, sponsorship activities or positive publicity messages to the packaging, so as to have a benign interaction with consumers
no matter how long or short the shelf space is created, the visual communication between the store and the vending machine is better, no matter how long or short the shelf space is created. Stimulate the desire to buy. The combination of packaging design and advertising can make consumers remember the goods, and then stand out from the variety of goods on the shelf
self selling commercial packaging is the packaging that consumers have the most contact with. Now there are no more sales activities promoted or recommended by shop assistants in the store, but direct face-to-face communication with consumers through packaging. Therefore, a good packaging design must truly provide commodity information to consumers, and let consumers at a distance of 60cm (general hand length) In 3 seconds of quick browsing, you can see at a glance that I am what you need! [therefore, successful packaging design can make the goods easily achieve the purpose of self-sale.
promotion in order to clearly inform the information of commodity promotion, the packaging must sometimes be redesigned with the promotion content, such as increment, discount, price reduction, buy one get one free, give gifts and so on.

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Monks have to get golden bodies, just like women’s makeup. Understand

to maximize sales profit

protection function

convenience function

sales function

publicity function

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