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What is the machine for producing household toilet roll paper and how much profit is there per ton?

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we usually have two kinds of toilet roll paper, one with core, that is, roll paper, and the other without core, that is, without paper barrel in the middle. Both are produced with a complete set of toilet paper processing equipment
the processing process of toilet paper roll is very simple. The toilet paper processing equipment used are fully automatic, mainly including full-automatic toilet paper rewinder, band saw paper cutter and sealing machine. The full-automatic toilet paper rewinder is the main equipment for processing rolled paper. It adopts PLC computer programming technology, which can realize automatic transformation of paper tube (or coreless automatic paper winding), automatic glue spraying, edge sealing and edge trimming, reduce the labor intensity and improve the product quality. Band saw paper cutter is usually used together with toilet paper rewinder. The paper cutter cuts the rewound paper roll to become the finished paper roll we see. Then we pack and bag, and the sealing of the sealing machine becomes the finished product we sell, which is also the simple whole toilet paper we often carry in the supermarket
the cost of producing toilet paper in toilet paper processing plants is not very high. Generally, a ton of roll paper can make a profit of about 1000 yuan, and the proportion of net profit is about 20%. The usage and consumption of toilet roll paper are very large. We can make more profits by expanding sales channels and increasing sales
some friends who do toilet paper processing mostly open processing plants in rural areas or around the county. Rural areas have land and houses. All they need is toilet paper processing equipment and toilet paper raw materials. Therefore, friends who want to do toilet paper processing can choose a set of toilet paper processing equipment suitable for themselves. The current market price is generally about 40000-50000 yuan, and then buy some raw materials and packaging bags to produce and sell.

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