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What is the green Mid Autumn Festival

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proposal for green Mid Autumn Festival

Dear citizens, friends and young students:

the Mid Autumn Festival of “several Shengge invite the old moon, and 10000 cakes enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival” is coming. For thousands of years, moon cakes, as the carrier of Mid Autumn Festival communication and reunion, have added a lot of beauty to our life. However, in recent years, due to the excessive “heavy makeup” of some “pink and ink” mooncakes, they are extremely luxurious, including iron box, leather box, brocade box, and even mahogany box and crystal box with excellent texture. Moon cakes have entered the extreme of gift giving and show making. As we all know, moon cakes are disposable consumer goods, and the luxurious packaging of moon cakes will eventually become garbage. Therefore, excessive packaging is a waste of resources, a harm to the environment, or a corruption of conservation customs. Therefore, we propose to citizens and friends:
first, practice green packaging and be committed to treating the environment well. The Mid Autumn Festival is based on the proper amount of moon cakes, good packaging and reasonable cost
Second, practice green consumption and refuse sky high price moon cakes. It is hoped that consumers will “be proud of hard work and ashamed of extravagance and waste,” refuse to buy over packaged moon cakes, refuse to play the role of “returning pearls” and have a simple Mid Autumn Festival
third, turn waste into treasure and recycle resources. I hope citizens and friends will actively participate in the classified recycling activities of moon cake packaging for the Mid Autumn Festival, so that the moon cake packaging can be recycled
in order to further implement the concept of green Mid Autumn Festival and form the habit of classified recycling of moon cake packaging, we held the “Chang’e green dream” activity in the whole region. It is suggested that community neighborhood committees, primary schools and enterprises set up recycling points by themselves. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake packaging box is recycled. The recycled moon cake box can be sold to the recycling company, and the money can be used in meaningful places. “When the moonlight is the brightest night in a year and people from thousands of miles enjoy it together.” Citizens, friends and young students, let’s take positive action, build a green Mid Autumn Festival, share a good home in Shunde, and do our best to build a national environmental protection model city in our region

Shunde District Environmental Protection Bureau
Shunde District Society of Environmental Sciences
Shunde District Education Bureau


September 24, 2007

it should be that the food for the Mid Autumn Festival is green and pollution-free.

green means environmental protection
the so-called green Mid Autumn Festival refers more to giving gifts during the Mid Autumn Festival
gift giving involves environmentally friendly packaging, green and healthy food, etc

green means environmental protection
the so-called green Mid Autumn Festival refers more to Mid Autumn Festival gift giving, which involves environmental protection packaging, green and healthy food, etc. “green Mid Autumn Festival” refers to Mid Autumn Festival gift giving, reducing the cost of packaging as much as possible, recycling the moon cake boxes eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival, and then donating the money back to the hope project or helping poor children.

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