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What is the difference between bagged instant noodles and barreled instant noodles?

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Such as title

1. Different packaging:

barreled food is convenient to eat, which is expensive on the packaging. In fact, the materials are the same. However, some noodles are only in barrels, just like Master Kang’s one with a lot of beef. There is no bag


2. Different ingredients:

however, the general flour cake in the barrel is only 85g. I don’t think I’m full. There are pickled mustard or eggs in the barrel

1. Convenient & nbsp

the most remarkable feature of instant noodles. The advantage is that it is convenient and fast, and can quickly provide the energy needed by the body for busy people. Especially in the era of fast pace of modern life, the fast and convenient convenience of instant noodles is also an important reason why many people choose it& nbsp;

2. Supplement energy & nbsp

instant noodles mainly contain calories and carbohydrates, which can not provide energy to the body in a fast time. High quality and cheap instant noodles have a strong flavor, which makes many people unable to resist its temptation

3. Affordable price

another important point is the affordable price of instant noodles. Spending less money can satisfy your hunger and enjoy delicious food, which has become the only choice for many moonlight people at the end of the month& nbsp;

2. Disadvantages of eating instant noodles

1. Eating for a long time is bad for health & nbsp

in order to extend the shelf life of instant noodles, most of them will be fried, and their oil packages will generally be oxidized into oxidized lipids. If you eat instant noodles for a long time, this oxidized oil will accumulate in blood vessels or other organs in the body, accelerate human aging, and may even cause arteriosclerosis, resulting in cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, kidney disease and other diseases& nbsp;

regular eating will cause nutritional imbalance. Can instant noodles be used as a staple food? Regular eating will destroy the vitamins originally contained in the dough cake of instant noodles after frying. Although there are vegetable bags, there will be little nutrition left in the dehydrated vegetable bags. Therefore, regular consumption of instant noodles to satisfy hunger can easily lead to malnutrition

overeating can lead to obesity. Instant noodles are fried foods. Eating instant noodles can provide a lot of calories and carbohydrates for physical activities. However, if you eat too much at one time, it is easy to cause the body to consume a lot of calories and carbohydrates. If you can’t consume them in time, it is easy to accumulate in the body and cause obesity& nbsp;

2. Other disadvantages & nbsp

in order to prevent the deterioration of instant noodles, producers often add antioxidants or other video additives. Therefore, excessive consumption may be harmful to the body. In addition, many packaging materials used for convenient barrel packing are made of polystyrene materials. In order to prevent its deformation after heating, some stabilizers are often added. However, in case of high temperature in the brewing process, it will decompose the harmful substances of tableware into instant noodles, which is not good for health& nbsp;

3. Healthy recipe for instant noodles – fresh shrimp instant noodles & nbsp

main ingredients: shrimp, wonton, instant noodle cake & nbsp

auxiliary materials: rape, laver, mushroom, sea rice, etc. & nbsp

seasoning: salt, chicken powder, pepper, sesame oil & nbsp

method: after the dough is cooked, water it for standby, and then cook the shrimp, wonton, mushroom, rape and other materials with soup. Add noodles to the soup, add an appropriate amount of salt, chicken powder and sea rice according to your taste, and finally pour a little sesame oil& nbsp;

one has a plastic bag and one has a plastic bowl. The packaging is different, and the kilogram of dough cake is different, resulting in the price difference. PS: disposable foamed plastic tableware is poisonous in case of heat, so eat less in barrels

it’s easy to eat in barrels. It’s expensive on the packaging. In fact, the material is the same. However, some noodles are only in barrels, just like Master Kang’s one with a lot of beef. There is no bag. However, the bucket of ordinary bread is only 85 grams, and I don’t think I’m full. There are also pickled mustard or eggs in barrels. There are unified ones

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