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What is the development of canned food packaging?

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at the beginning of the 9th century, after people invented the tinplate coated with tin on the iron sheet, they changed to tinplate to hold tea. Durrant thought of canning with the popular tinplate from the material change of tea cans. He made the world’s first tin can by himself. Tin cans are light and have good sealing performance. They are not easy to be damaged and easy to transport. In 1823, Durrant applied for a patent in Britain and opened the world’s first tinplate cannery. However, due to the complete manual production, the cost of canned food is very high. It was not until the invention of the machine for pressing cans in 1847 that the production cost came down. After tin cans became popular for another 100 years, American leinoltz thought of trying other materials to make cans. In 1947, the world’s first aluminum can was born in the hands of leinoltz. It is made of aluminum foil as thin as paper, which is very lightweight. Later, people developed it into a more convenient can

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