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What is the coefficient? Please give an example

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the number factor in the monomial of an algebraic expression is called its coefficient () The sum of the exponents of all letters in a monomial is called its number For example, the coefficient of ABC is 1 and the number of times is 3

the literal meaning of the coefficient: related numbers. For example, the algebraic formula “3x” represents the product of a constant 3 and the unknown x, that is, 3 * x, which is equal to x + X + X. “3x” represents a numerical value, which is only related to X. what is the relationship? “3” is to explain the relationship – the sum of three of them. Therefore, “coefficient” can be interpreted as “how many (additive sum)”

in a term, the index of the unknown contained and the number of times of this term are called

items without unknowns are called constant items

the coefficient of 14m in the above table is 14. The coefficient of 123x is 123
the functional relationship y = x + 6 is the same as the coefficient of the primary term in y = x, which is 1.

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