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What is the box of barreled instant noodles made of?

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is composed of three kinds of raw materials. The outermost layer of the barrel body is called outer paste, which is color printed, the inner layer is called inner cup paper, and the bottom is called bottom paper
the external paste is mainly beautiful and anti scalding
the knowledge of inner cup paper and bottom paper is larger. The inner cup paper is composed of film coating layer and white paper sheet. The white paper sheet is made of high-quality pulp, which is also the raw material for toilet paper. The film of film coating layer is polyethylene, which is used for waterproof, and is an internationally recognized material for food, non-toxic
in the process, the coating layer is melted at high temperature to make it stick together and form the barrel. After that, a series of processes such as crimping and water adding line are added to form the barrel of instant noodles
several famous bucket manufacturers of instant noodles in China include Wuxi Fangcheng, Chongqing Taibao, Hubei lvshijie, etc

it’s the kind of paper for convenient paper cups. Baoding has a relatively large enterprise specializing in the production of this branch. Forget the name

check it yourself

some are made of foam, some are made of hard paper, and others are made of soft plastic.


paper cover


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