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What is intelligent manufacturing in intelligent manufacturing system

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a man-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can carry out intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making

intelligent manufacturing system is a man-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. In the manufacturing process, it can simulate the intelligent activities of human experts with the help of computers to analyze, reason, judge, conceive and make decisions, so as to replace or extend part of human mental work in the manufacturing environment. At the same time, collect, store, improve, share, integrate and develop the intelligence of human experts


extended data

intelligent manufacturing should include intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing system. Intelligent manufacturing system can not only continuously enrich the knowledge base in practice, but also have self-learning function, as well as the ability to collect and understand environmental information and their own information, analyze, judge and plan their own behavior

starting from the essential characteristics of intelligent manufacturing system, in the distributed manufacturing network environment, according to the basic idea of distributed integration, the theory and method of multi-agent system in distributed artificial intelligence are applied to realize the flexible intelligent integration of manufacturing unit and network-based manufacturing system

according to the isomorphic characteristics of distributed system, based on a local implementation form of intelligent manufacturing system, it also reflects the implementation mode of intelligent manufacturing system in the global manufacturing network environment based on Internet

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Intelligent Manufacturing System

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – intelligent manufacturing

intelligent manufacturing (IM) is a man-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can carry out intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making

expand, extend and partially replace the mental work of human experts in the manufacturing process through the cooperation between people and intelligent machines. It updates the concept of manufacturing automation and extends it to flexibility, intelligence and high integration

extended data:

comprehensive features

compared with traditional manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing system has the following characteristics:

self discipline ability

that is, the ability to collect and understand environmental information and their own information, analyze, judge and plan their own actions. The equipment with self-discipline ability is called “intelligent machine”. To a certain extent, intelligent machine shows independence, autonomy and personality, and even can coordinate operation and competition with each other. Strong knowledge base and knowledge-based model are the basis of self-discipline ability

man machine integration

IMS is not simply an “artificial intelligence” system, but a man-machine integration intelligent system, which is a kind of hybrid intelligence. The intelligent machine based on artificial intelligence can only carry out mechanical reasoning, prediction and judgment. It can only have logical thinking (Expert System), image thinking (neural network) at most, and can not do inspiration (Epiphany) thinking at all. Only human experts can really have the above three thinking abilities at the same time

therefore, it is unrealistic to replace the intelligence of human experts in the manufacturing process with artificial intelligence and undertake the tasks of analysis, judgment and decision-making independently

on the one hand, man-machine integration highlights the core position of man in the manufacturing system. At the same time, with the cooperation of intelligent machines, man-machine integration can give better play to man’s potential, so that man-machine can show a relationship of equal cooperation, mutual “understanding” and mutual cooperation, so that they can show their abilities and complement each other at different levels

therefore, in the intelligent manufacturing system, people with high quality and high intelligence will play a better role, and machine intelligence and human intelligence will be truly integrated, cooperate with each other and complement each other

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – intelligent manufacturing

what is an intelligent manufacturing line
production lines are different from systems and units. We can look at the definitions of some major intelligent manufacturing equipment
GB /T 12643-2013 vocabulary of robots and robot equipment. This standard says:
industrial robot system: a system composed of (multiple) industrial robots, (multiple) end effectors and any machinery, equipment, devices, external auxiliary shafts or sensors required for robots to complete their tasks
industrial robot unit: one or more robot systems containing related machines, equipment, related safety protection space and protection devices
industrial robot production line: it is composed of multiple robot units and related equipment that perform the same or different functions in a separate or connected safety protection space
through these analyses, we know that the production line of discrete manufacturing industry is more complex. The project initiation, design, simulation, commissioning, trial operation and acceptance of engineering projects are never the business of one or one person, and we need a third party to carry out inspection and evaluation
welcome to
intelligent manufacturing technology evaluation and acceptance. Why do you need evaluation and inspection
I am not afraid of floating clouds to cover my eyes, but only because I am in this mountain. Imagine that the factory owner and project manager invited an integrator to design, simulate and debug the intelligent manufacturing production line. If only the final finished products are accepted and not manufactured, is it too rough? Don’t laugh, readers. There are many such phenomena. In a sense, they are a portrayal of the current situation of development. When two people punch, they have to consider the first hand and the second move, not to mention that the third person may be injured by mistake. In the past cases, the problems most fed back to us by customers are:
A) the layout has not been scientifically planned, the robot process is single and inflexible, and the production capacity has not been substantially improved
b) without virtual debugging, the progress of on-site debugging is slow
C) the function and security of automatic human-computer interaction interface are not satisfactory

Chinese is really a broad and profound language. Referring to the word “intelligent manufacturing”, if we have not consulted the data before and have not fallen into the definition of “main”, then in Chinese grammar, it can be understood in two ways:

the first is the intelligent production and manufacturing mode, which can be abbreviated as & nbsp; Intelligent manufacturing. The second is the production and manufacturing of intelligent products, that is, the production and manufacturing of intelligent products can also be referred to as & nbsp; Intelligent manufacturing. For example, the production of smart phones, the manufacture of intelligent wearable devices, the production of intelligent robots, the intelligent manufacture of intelligent vehicles, and so on. And these intelligent products can also be born in the intelligent production mode

as an ecological service brand focusing on the field of intelligent manufacturing, Zhongfa intelligent manufacturing focuses more on the concept of “intelligent production mode”. When talking about intelligent manufacturing, we should pay attention to what impact, change and innovation intelligent technology brings to the supply, production and manufacturing fields of a certain industry, rather than what convenience it brings to people’s demand, consumption and life. For example, people who study intelligent manufacturing should focus on how this technology changes and optimizes the workflow of mail, transportation, logistics, warehousing and distribution, rather than how this technology facilitates people’s lives

under this definition, intelligent manufacturing can be understood as the development direction and optimization trend of industrial production mode and manufacturing process, that is, locked in the development of science and technology, all kinds of predictable and unpredictable scientific progress and scientific and technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, Internet of things, mobile 5g, 3D printing and driverless will be gradually applied to all industrial production fields, innovate production mode and optimize manufacturing process, Even set off the next scientific and technological revolution

of course, these technologies will not be applied to the field of production and manufacturing for no reason, and the mode of production and manufacturing will not develop towards intelligent manufacturing for no reason. There must always be some goal as the driving force. So what is the goal? Zhongfa Zhizao believes that there are mainly two kinds:

first, before the emergence of free

intelligent manufacturing, the mode of production and manufacturing has been developing in the direction of automation. Automation, of course, is the hope that machines can realize automatic production, so as to liberate mankind from the production line. After all, from the perspective of enterprises, the human cost is far greater than the mechanical cost, while from the perspective of production, the human factor is the most unstable. The more people directly participate in the labor of a product, a process and a link, the more unstable their quality and standards will be. After all, people are not machines and should not become invariable machines; From the perspective of workers, no one is willing to do boring and repetitive heavy work. Although from a narrow perspective, the application of artificial intelligence and the development of intelligent manufacturing will inevitably reduce employment opportunities, from the perspective of human nature and people-oriented, people should not be engaged in heavy and boring physical work,

can have more free time and more time to enjoy life, Being able to do more creative work is the embodiment of people’s fundamental value

Second, personality

before the emergence of intelligent manufacturing, in fact, the flexible manufacturing that has been talked about in the field of industrial manufacturing is trying to solve the problems of personality

this is well understood. For example, everyone wants to wear a unique style of clothes, use a different mobile phone, and always want a toy that others don’t have.

I believe everyone has some experience and their favorite clothes, I hit my shirt when I went out; The mobile phone I bought after saving for several months was full of my pursuit of quality of life, but I found that it had already become an “arcade” on the rotten street

from the perspective of actual needs, everyone will have unique needs. The current production and manufacturing methods can not produce specific, small batch or even customized products according to individual specific needs. If these products are made by hand, there may be some problems, such as time-consuming and laborious, lack of precision, and technical difficulties can not be overcome. However, if they are placed in the intelligent manufacturing environment, it is just a piece of cake

of course, the development of intelligent manufacturing does not happen overnight. Whether an enterprise applies intelligent manufacturing solutions and what degree of “intelligence” it wants to achieve through such solutions should be considered from the aspects of cost and profit – comprehensive “intelligence” may be a long-term investment process. In the long run, it is the only way for enterprise development, but there is no income at present, Enterprises should consider this time & nbsp; To what extent can “intelligence” be used to optimize the production mode and manufacturing process, so as to save costs and expand benefits. And how to realize comprehensive “intelligence” step by step, taking into account short-term benefits and long-term development

the manufacturing industry with the integration of informatization and automation is intelligent manufacturing. The German version is called industry 4.0 and the American version is called industrial Internet
however, intelligent manufacturing is part of industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 mainly includes three parts:
1 smart market. It is the next generation of “Taobao”. You can buy all kinds of products and customize all kinds of products
2 intelligent manufacturing. Save and

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