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What is IC material

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IC is the general term of semiconductor component products. IC can be divided into digital IC, analog IC, microwave IC and other IC according to function. Among them, digital IC is the IC variety with the widest application and the fastest development in recent years. Digital IC is an IC that transmits, processes and processes digital signals. It can be divided into general digital IC and special digital IC. It is not clear what position there is in the supplementary IC.
IC materials are probably semiconductor component materials. According to what you go to and what you do, the materials you need are different According to your electronic company, what electronic products are produced, such as plug-ins and patch
plug-ins; TEA2025B, 16 pin IC. H2000 a0204 16 foot horn
tda1519c, 9-pin row
a2030a, the five pins should be 5-pole transistors
sj2025, 16 pin IC
patch; Atmel548 “514” 8-pin IC
mag221-017k, 28 pin IC
mc3361, 16 pin IC

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