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What is corn oil and how is it produced??

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corn oil is refined in this way
corn oil, also known as corn oil, corn germ oil, is the oil extracted from corn embryo. It is pressed by modern technology and refined through processes such as de calculation, decolorization, degumming, deodorization and de waxing. It not only removes all kinds of harmful substances in the oil, but also retains the unique nutrition and fragrance of corn oil
healthy heart choice:
after testing, corn oil contains 805 unsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic acid is more than 505. Linoleic acid cannot be synthesized by human body itself, but can only be obtained through diet In addition, corn oil is also rich in vitamin E and phytozinol, with high nutritional value
six characteristics of corn oil:
it is rich in vitamin E
it is naturally pure and does not contain cholesterol
it is easy to digest, and the absorption rate is as high as 97%
it has a clear fragrance and less oil smoke
it is in line with the consumption trend of healthy diet
it is found that corn germ is precious
corn is not an oil crop, and the oil is mainly concentrated in corn germ Corn germ only accounts for about 105 of the whole corn kernel and is the core of corn life. Only a small germ of a golden and full corn kernel can be used to extract oil. Generally speaking, a bottle of 5 liters of corn oil costs 600000-800000 high-quality corn germ, which is rare and precious
in the kitchen, meet the tough European and American diet
corn oil is still a young edible oil in China; In foreign countries, it has a history of more than 100 mothers. Due to its high nutritional value and the characteristics of nature, purity and hardship, it has become the daily edible oil of families in Europe, America and other western countries. In recent years, it has also been widely welcomed by consumers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. From today on, you can choose corn oil in your home and feel the natural and hard diet with your heart!

corn oil, the full name of which is corn germ oil. Corn germ oil is an herb oil extracted from corn germ. Corn is used for processing and oil pressing, which generally includes two processes: embryo separation and embryo oil pressing
embryo separation methods corn embryo separation mainly includes dry peeling and embryo milling and wet grinding. Raw materials are directly peeled and embryo extracted without moistening treatment, which is also known as dry peeling and embryo extraction powder. Generally, it can be used when the grain moisture content is about 18%, but the processing loss is large; The wet grinding method of extracting embryo and pulverizing is that the seeds are soaked and then peeled to extract embryo and pulverize. Its production process is as follows: (1) soaking: the selected seeds are soaked with sulfur dioxide solution for 40-60 hours. Generally, the soaking barrel is a stainless steel barrel with a diameter of 5-6 meters and a height of 12-15 meters
(2) crushing and embryo separation: the soaked corn grain has softened and the tissue components are loose. After being crushed by grinding or crusher, water is added through the embryo separation tank to make the embryo float on the water surface and separate the embryo. Using embryo separation tank is a sample system process in China, but the highest separation rate is only 85%, and the separation efficiency is low. Hydrocyclones are used for separation in large processing plants in Russia, foreign countries and China, and the embryo separation rate can reach more than 95%
I. production process of corn germ oil pressing equipment:

corn germ → cleaning → steaming and frying → pressing → filtering → germ crude oil → going to the refining workshop
main equipment components: elevator, cleaning screen, steaming and frying pan, oil press, filter, crude oil temporary storage tank,

II Production process of crude oil refining equipment for corn oil


crude oil – alkali refining – degumming – decolorization – deodorization – dewaxing workshop (or product oil workshop)

main equipment components: refining tank, decolorization tank, deodorization tank, heat transfer oil furnace, filter, etc.

corn germ oil pressing and refined corn oil refining process adopt press oil method, In particular, attention should be paid to the key processing links of corn embryo before pressing, the dredging of oil circuit and the recovery of crude oil in the pressing process, which can effectively improve the ratio of grain to oil. The crude oil produced contains a certain amount of saturated fatty acids, lipids, waxes, cholesterol and other substances. Non glyceride impurities such as free fatty acids, phospholipids, pigments and a small amount of protein colloidal substances. In addition, it also contains certain pigments. Therefore, in order to obtain refined corn oil, it must also be treated by dewaxing, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization
there are two kinds of pigments in corn crude oil: one is natural pigments, such as carotene, lutein, chlorophyll and other substances, which are easy to be adsorbed and decolorized by bleaching soil. The other is the pigment formed by the decomposition products of organic matter, which is brown and brown, and is not easy to be adsorbed and decolorized by bleaching soil. They are often colloidally dispersed in oil. Although some pigments were removed during processing, they rebounded greatly. The decolorization process commonly used in processing corn oil is; Cross decolorization process of primary bleaching soil and secondary decolorization effect; If it is difficult to decolorize the crude oil with darker oil color due to untimely treatment of material embryo, pre decolorization can be adopted
in addition to the original corn flavor, the decolorized corn oil also has the “soap” flavor brought by alkali refining and the “earthy” flavor brought by decolorization. Therefore, it needs further deodorization treatment to make the corn oil meet the flavor requirements.

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