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What information should be indicated on food packaging bags

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Such as the title! Be more detailed. Please list them one by one! Thank you

product name, ingredients, production license, date
shelf life, use method, storage conditions, place of origin, manufacturer, etc. can also be made according to requirements. Henan Dingxin packaging is a good choice for you.

product name, ingredients (if there are food additives, it should be indicated), place of origin, product introduction, specification, net weight, food label number, hygiene license number (after June 1, it should be the food production license), QS certification, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, edible method, manufacturer’s name (it must be consistent with that on the business license, if one word is more or less, it will be punished), address and contact number. In addition, if possible, you can print the website address, e-mail address and bar code. With these signs, there is basically no problem with the procedures for food production enterprises.

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