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What if the sealing machine can’t seal

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What if the sealing machine can’t seal


 poor sealing is one of the common faults of continuous sealing machine. Poor sealing has three meanings: ① the sealing part of packaging bag cannot be sealed; ② Under the pressure of the sealing knife, although the bag mouth is sealed, it will crack again if it is squeezed or torn with a little force; ③ When the peeling test is carried out on the sealing part, half of the sealing is firm and half is separated. The sealing quality of such packaging bag is still unqualified, because the contents are easy to leak out after extrusion during storage and transportation. This situation often occurs when the composite lining is OPP and blow molded PE


 there are several main reasons for poor sealing

 (1) insufficient heat sealing temperature 

 generally, for composite bags with OPP as lining, when the total thickness of bag making is 80 ~ 90 μ M, the heat sealing temperature should reach 170 ~ 180 ℃; The total thickness of composite bags with PE as lining is 85 ~ 100 μ M, the temperature should be controlled at 180 ~ 200 ℃. As long as the total thickness of bag making increases, the heat sealing temperature must be increased accordingly

 (2) too fast heat sealing speed 

 the sealing failure is also related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the sealing part is transferred to the cold pressing part for cooling treatment by the traction roller before it has time to heat up, which naturally fails to meet the quality requirements of heat sealing

 (3) improper pressure of cold pressed rubber wheel 

 there is one at the top and one at the bottom of the cold pressing rubber wheel. The pressure between them should be moderate. When adjusting the pressure, just clamp the spring

 (4) there is a problem with the quality of heat sealing film 

 the failure of sealing is also related to the quality of heat sealing film. If the corona treatment of composite lining is uneven and the effect is not good, and it happens to appear at the sealing place, it will certainly not be able to seal. This is rare, but once it occurs, the product is bound to be scrapped. Therefore, in the color printing and packaging industry, it is the next process to supervise the previous process. Once a quality problem is found, the cause must be analyzed and solved in time

 if there is moisture and dirt at the sealing part, it will also lead to loose sealing

 in short, to solve the problem of poor sealing, generally increase the heat sealing temperature, reduce the heat sealing speed, and increase the pressure of the cold pressed rubber wheel 

11 more

the scope of sealing machine is too wide. The temperature control is broken, or the perm is broken

Wenzhou Jincheng has a yogurt filling and sealing machine, which has the functions of automatic cup dropping and filling, photoelectric image sealing, film cutting and coding, etc

functions can be increased or decreased according to requirements. No cup, no filling, no cup, etc

powder solid liquid particle semi fluid continuous filling and sealing machine

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 the sealing machine cannot be sealed. Try increasing the heating temperature and pressure appropriately. If the temperature is not adjustable, consider the problem of the temperature control circuit


 the temperature is very hot, that is, it doesn't stick to the cup 

 the membrane automatically gathers together 


 1. The sealing time is not set properly. The setting is too low, and the temperature cannot reach the hot-melt temperature of the packaging bag, so it is not sealed. If the setting is too high, the packaging bag will be damaged and leak due to hot melting

 2. The sealing component is broken, which makes the machine unable to seal, which may be the damage of a series of electronic components such as heating plate, sealing transformer and relay

 3. For the vacuum sealing machine with airbag module (such as double chamber vacuum sealing machine), when the airbag is damaged, the packaging bag cannot be pushed up, so it cannot be sealed

 3. If the heat of the packaged material in the bag is too high, it will volatilize gas, which will affect the sealing effect

 you can exclude 

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is it a pedal type or a full-automatic plastic cup yogurt filling and sealing machine. The range of sealing machine is too wide

What if one side of the sealing machine cannot be sealed

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