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What if the height of film frame of ds600cs horizontal winding film packaging machine is out of control?

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we always encounter some problems when operating ds600cs horizontal winding film packaging machine, which is very distressing for us. Don’t worry now. The following editor will help you analyze the causes of these problems one by one
1. When the winding machine is in the initial position, fix the film on the turntable or goods and press the automatic operation button
2. The turntable of the winding machine starts to accelerate to the highest speed, and the film is automatically output with the operation of the turntable. At the same time, the turntable counts. When it reaches the set value of the bottom layer, the film frame begins to rise
3. When the membrane frame rises until the photoelectric switch cannot irradiate the goods, the membrane frame stops rising after delaying the set time, count the number of times up and down once, the turntable continues to operate, and the turntable counts. When reaching the set number of turns on the top layer, the membrane frame drops, stops when it falls to the bottom, counts the number of turns on the bottom layer once again, and starts counting the number of turns on the bottom layer
4. By analogy, when the number of times from top to bottom reaches the set value, the packaging process is completed. The turntable drops slowly and stops at the initial detection point
the film frame height of the winding machine is out of control
the phenomenon that the film frame height of the winding packaging machine is far higher than the height of the packaged object does not stop
here, Qingdao McGonagall analyzes the causes and solutions of the film frame height out of control in detail:
1. The photoelectric separation time is not set properly – reset the photoelectric separation time
2. The light around the photoelectric switch is too strong – add a sunshade for the photoelectric switch
3. The photoelectric switch always has output – the photoelectric switch is sensitive, improperly adjusted or damaged. Replace the photoelectric switch
I wonder if you agree with Xiao Bian’s introduction? If your question is still there, I hope you can call us. Let me introduce you to a good company, Qingdao MEG, which has specialized in manufacturing winding machines for 20 years.

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