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What foreign-funded enterprises produce engineering plastics in China?

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DuPont, BASF, Rhodia, RTP, EMS and byaer all have factories in China.

Guangdong plastic engine Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in imported brand engineering plastics with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. It is one of the most complete agents of imported engineering plastics in the industry
the agent manufacturers include SABIC (all series can be made, and more than 500 models have been sold. Most of the conventional models have inventory. The advantageous products are PC and its alloy, PPO and PEI), Toray, DIC (mainly PPS), Nilit nylon, and some models of BASF (PBT pa) and Ticona (LCP POM PPS)
has nearly 10 years of experience in the distribution of polycarbonate PC, and its customers cover the main manufacturing intensive regions in Southern China, central China, East China and North China in the Chinese mainland. The industry covers lighting, building materials, sports and leisure, electronics and food packaging. In addition to SABIC, it also acts as an agent for PCs of South Korea LG, South Korea SamSung, South Korea Lotte and Zhejiang railway gale. The polycarbonate PC manufacturers involved in the distribution business also include Germany Bayer, Japan Mitsubishi, Japan teiren and Japan Chuguang

1. Support multi currency transactions (USD, HKD and RMB), and the payment method is flexible
2 Flexibly assist customers to optimize invoice issuance
3 Generally, the quotation can be made as soon as possible, and the quotation can be made the next day at the latest
4 The delivery date of common models is within one week, and the delivery date of most models is 1-26 weeks shorter than that of peers
5 Delivery to door including freight
6 More than 500 models are routinely sold
7 Provide all material certificates that can be provided by the original factory
8 The minimum purchase quantity of most models is 25kg

provide material selection suggestions


2 Provide mold opening suggestions. We have our own brother factories that can help customers open molds on very favorable terms

3 Send manufacturers or our technicians to the workshop to assist in testing, machine debugging and other models. Samples can be sent free of charge

we have our own brother factories that can help customers produce

4 The manufacturer or our technician can be assigned to the customer’s workshop:

assist in sample, machine commissioning, etc.

deal with production faults, product abnormalities

product assembly and other deep processing guidance

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