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What foreign-funded enterprises are there in Guangzhou?

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there are the following major foreign-funded enterprises:

1. Guangzhou P & G Co., Ltd.: Guangzhou P & G Co., Ltd. in 1988, P & G established Guangzhou P & G Co., Ltd., the first joint venture in China, and began the 11 year process of P & G’s investment in the Chinese market

2. PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd.: PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd. was established on August 13, 1988, and its business scope includes food science and technology research services; Marketing planning services; Enterprise management consulting services; Wholesale of food additives; Retail of food additives; Enterprise management services (except those involving licensed business projects); Carbonated beverage manufacturing; Food additive manufacturing, etc


3. Guangzhou Swire Coca Cola Co., Ltd.: Guangdong Swire Coca Cola Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established by Swire Coca Cola Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Guangdong food import and Export Group Co., Ltd. and COFCO beverage (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. in 1995

foreign investors in foreign-funded enterprises can be foreign enterprises, other economic organizations and individuals. Foreign funded enterprises are established in China in accordance with Chinese law, so they are different from the branches of foreign enterprises and other economic organizations in China. Registration process of wholly foreign-owned enterprise: name search – handling approval certificate – business license – organization code – tax registration certificate – foreign exchange registration certificate

foreign funded enterprises in Guangzhou (excluding Sino foreign joint ventures, Sino foreign cooperative enterprises and foreign-invested joint stock companies), There are about 500 industrial enterprises above Designated Size (with an annual sales revenue of more than 5 million yuan)
here are the top 100 in terms of safety sales revenue
Jianxing photoelectric technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Jabil Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guangmao Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Xuli Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Wrigley chewing gum Co., Ltd.
Olympus (Guangzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd.
GE Plastics China Co., Ltd.
Guangbao Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Colgate Palmolive Co., Ltd.
Avon (China) Co., Ltd.
Guangchuan Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd.
Bellos (Guangzhou) Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
Yihai (Guangzhou) Grain and oil industry Co., Ltd.
Dongzhou oil industry (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Hitachi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Aiji Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hongxin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
kangnaike automobile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Huadu Branch
Delphi Parker (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Changxing (Guangzhou) Electronic materials Co., Ltd.
Panyu Shimen handbag Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou aiparker Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
delta faucet (China) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Nippon coating Co., Ltd.
Sunrider (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
ammett (Guangzhou) Chemical Co., Ltd.
BASF polyurethane (China) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou youni stamping Co., Ltd.
international flavor (China) Co., Ltd.
LG Chemical (Guangzhou) Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Zhongxin Century Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.
hishibi technology battery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Panasonic electric and electronic materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou DouYuan iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Xunli sporting goods design and production Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Sanwu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Dow Chemical Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
Ellie (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
srex (Guangzhou) Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Wanshun Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Mingwang Dairy Co., Ltd.
ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel International (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Apollo (China) Co., Ltd.
dongma oil (Guangzhou Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd.
Schering (Guangzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou senliu plastic parts Co., Ltd.
Huajie United Technology (Guangzhou) Ltd.
Guangzhou Xinyue asphalt Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Jinxian Motor Co., Ltd.
weikemei (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Chenglong Shoes Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hengguang Electronics Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Xinli Metal Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Weichuang Rixin Electronics Co., Ltd.
ADEX (Guangzhou) Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Herrick (Guangzhou) tunnel equipment Co., Ltd.
sew – transmission equipment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
isol (Guangzhou) packaging Co., Ltd.
Ellie (Guangzhou) packaging system products Co., Ltd.
Keshun Guangzhou caster Co., Ltd.
Pepsi beverage (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Bawang (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hongji Metal Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou enten Yulong Transmission System Co., Ltd.
thornlighting (Guangzhou) Ltd.
Guangzhou Fengzhong Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Nansha Longsha Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Dayou automobile seat Co., Ltd.
Panyu Hexing Oil Co., Ltd.
Bosco jiaofendeli (China) Adhesive Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Minhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou cangfu chemical products Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hongzhong auto steel parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Panyu Runyi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Mingwei electronic products Co., Ltd.
ximec (Guangzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sony Electronics South China Co., Ltd.
Panyu Nanfeng plastic products Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hitachi youxiya Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Sika building materials Co., Ltd.
Exxon chemical (Panyu) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Shuangye Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Guangda Shoes Co., Ltd.
Kafu Guangtong Food Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou pinshile Weibang Food Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi pharmaceutical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Guojing office furniture (Panyu) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Fengtie Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou rizheng spring Co., Ltd.
hanweitai (Guangzhou) Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Panyu exquisite hardware and plastic products Co., Ltd.
International Paper Shure Wude packaging (Guangzhou) Ltd.
Guangzhou Hongyu Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd.
Panyu plating chemical research Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Qixin metal products Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Marelli Automobile Instrument Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou napro mould plastic products Co., Ltd.
teplay (Guangzhou) technology Battery Co., Ltd

almost all famous enterprises in the world have semicolons in Guangzhou…
for example, Toyota Honda, Mitsubishi, logo… Bayer, Novartis, P & G, Amway, Sunrider
Gaoshi (Guangzhou) Ink Co., Ltd. coating Ink foreign capital
total fina elf
elf lubricant (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Schneider group
Schneider Swire (Guangzhou) distribution equipment Co., Ltd.
distribution equipment
joint venture
atofina (China) investment company
atofina (Guangzhou) Chemical Co., Ltd.
ammett (Guangzhou) Chemical Co., Ltd.
atofina fendeli (Guangzhou) Shading agent of adhesive Co., Ltd.
adhesive joint venture
Sanyou Co., Ltd.
biscuit joint venture of Guangzhou europi cake industry Co., Ltd.
Procter & Gamble (China) Ltd.
Guangzhou P & G Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou P & G washing products Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou P & G paper products Co., Ltd.
investment management of Guangzhou P & g oral health products Co., Ltd.
skin care products
synthetic washing products
women’s sanitary napkins
foreign investment in oral health products
foreign capital
joint venture
foreign capital
foreign capital
Lianxin international finance company
Lianxin friction materials (Guangzhou) Foreign investment in automotive friction materials
PepsiCo group
PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Baile beverage development company
PepsiCo Asia Beverage Co., Ltd. soft beverage concentrate
soft beverage concentrate
foreign investment in soft drinks
joint venture
Baite International Trade Company
portable peritoneal dialysis joint venture of Guangzhou Baite Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Warner company
Warner (Guangzhou) Razor of Co., Ltd., nursing product joint venture
Pfizer group
razor of Warner (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd, Nursing products joint venture
American Standard China Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou American Standard Yifeng enamel Co., Ltd. enamel sanitary ware joint venture
Owens Corning Glass Fiber Co., Ltd.
Owens Corning (Guangzhou) Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. fiber glass joint venture
American fuller Co., Ltd.
Fuller (China) adhesive Co., Ltd. adhesive products joint venture
Sunrider (China) Co., Ltd.
Sunrider (Guangzhou) Ltd. food Cosmetics cooperation
Amway Pacific Co., Ltd.
Amway (China) daily necessities Co., Ltd.
personal care products of Guangzhou Amway daily necessities manufacturing Co., Ltd.
personal care products cooperation
American weikemei company
food foreign investment of weikemei (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd.
American Gas Products Co., Ltd.
Southern gas products (Guangzhou) Industrial gas joint venture of Co., Ltd.
Bristol Myers Squibb

(China) Co., Ltd.
Mead Johnson (Guangzhou) Ltd.
hair care products
infant milk powder foreign capital
joint venture
Colgate Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Colgate Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Colgate Palmolive Co., Ltd. oral care products
joint venture of care products
foreign capital
kraft Food Co., Ltd.
Kraft Guangtong Food Co., Ltd. food joint venture
Kimberly (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Kimberly (Guangzhou) Foreign investment in advanced household paper products of paper industry Co., Ltd.
Delphi Automotive Systems (China) Co., Ltd.
foreign investment in auto parts of Delphi Parker electric (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Shure Wude packaging (China) Co., Ltd.
foreign investment in packaging boxes of Shure Wude packaging (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
foreign investment in film and soft polymer products of Guangzhou Tredegar Film Co., Ltd.
Keshun (Guangzhou) Casters Co., Ltd Wheel foreign investment
Guangzhou Jinpeng mobile communication system Co., Ltd. mobile phone cooperation
the 11th investment company of American Asian strategic investment company
ASIMCO braking system (Guangzhou) Limited company automotive brake system products
Foreign Investment Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou non noble flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd. flavor and fragrance cooperation

, Guangzhou Wahson Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd.
speed software technology (Guangzhou) Limited company
Guangzhou city CHINT commercial data Co., Ltd.
fast step easy (Guangzhou) information services limited

too much.

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