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What does the president of the association mean

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2018 China deaf commercial street market (Office of deaf Consumers Association)

a city must have many associations in the nature of mass organizations. For example, the social security federation, the women’s Federation and the Federation of literary and art circles. The Federation of literary and artistic circles is the full name of the Federation of literary and artistic circles. Below it are a large number of associations, such as writers’ Association, artists’ Association, dance association and so on. All these associations are homes for artists and bridges and ties to the masses. The biggest head in the association is called so and so chairman, who enjoys the treatment of officials. The association is divided into many levels, including national, provincial, city and county, and industrial. In the past, one level was in charge of one level. In addition to the state, the province was called a branch. Later, it was reformed and named independently. It was basically in charge of itself. The level of association you join generally indicates the level of achievement an artist has made in his profession. It is said that there are also monks at the department level, section level and unit level.

head of the Association

National Disability day for the 2019 general election of the president of the disabled persons’ Federation? Disappointments of the disabled


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