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What does the back of clothing mean?

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the latter refers to the subsequent inspection, thread trimming, ironing, packaging and other processing procedures of large goods of clothes from the workshop

the so-called subsequent production generally refers to the production process, that is, the subsequent production process – which means that more than one process is required to complete a product in the processing process. In addition to the first process, for the second and third Up to the last process, it can be called “next process” or “next production” of the previous process
clothing generally refers to clothes, shoes, bags, toys and accessories, and mostly refers to clothes. Clothing appeared in the early stage of the development of human society. Ancient people made all kinds of materials around them into crude “clothes” to protect themselves. Human’s first clothes were made of animal skins, and the earliest “fabrics” wrapped around the body were made of hemp fibers and grass
in the national standard, clothing is defined as clothes, products worn on the human body for protection and decoration, also known as clothes.

the latter is the process that needs to be sorted out after the clothes are made. These processes are called kind sorting
for example, thread cutting
big ironing
are all kind

“Houdao” should have different meanings in different contexts,
in clothing,
Houdao refers to “tail” (finish

including inspection, ironing, packaging, etc.)


the production process of garment industry is divided into several sections, which are completed with the cooperation of different departments The latter refers to the subsequent processing of large goods of clothes from the workshop Including inspection, thread trimming, ironing, packaging, etc

refers to the last process of clothing
production, including packaging thread cutting and other

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