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What do you think of the business prospect of processing noodles?

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I think it’s very good. The investment is small and the profit is large!

the vermicelli processing project is quite a good one. It has a large sales market and consumer groups, and the people in the north and south of the river like to eat
there are several points to pay attention to when making noodles: first, it should be true, that is, it should be pure potato powder without adding other starch; Second, be pure and ensure that no unqualified additives, such as alum, are added; Third, it should be clean. The raw materials should be handled well and should not be shabby. In addition, in the selection of equipment, we should choose equipment with guaranteed quality, as long as this can improve the quality of noodles
a fully automatic noodle machine is introduced below, which is the development trend of noodle processing
automatic vermicelli production line
(crystal vermicelli production line)
Goodway potato industry focuses on the manufacturing of potato deep-processing equipment. The full-automatic vermicelli machine is carefully developed based on the processing technology of Japanese and Italian vermicelli and absorbs the advantages of automatic vermicelli processing technology and equipment at home and abroad. The production line operates fully automatically. The refined vermicelli produced are of excellent quality, crystal clear and transparent, straight appearance, delicate taste, strong and durable cooking, without melting, crispy and mixed soup, It is deeply loved by consumers in the market and can bring a lot of benefits to investors
Main process flow: raw materials – constant temperature and powder – three step isobaric pulp distribution – high temperature setting – medium temperature maturation – low temperature cooling – powder separation – forced aging at room temperature – constant regeneration at low temperature – cutting and molding – strong pressure and low temperature drying – air cooling – vermicelli fixed length cutting – packaging
The production line has the following characteristics:
1. High degree of automation. Goodway automatic vermicelli production line is a subversive upgrade to the traditional process of processing vermicelli. It can automatically complete the whole process of vermicelli processing without hanging rod and drying. The whole production line is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation system to adjust the temperature, speed, pressure and other parameters of each section at any time, so as to meet the needs of production process and ensure the stability of final product quality. Workers only need to patrol, monitor and fine tune, The operation standardization is realized
2. High degree of modernization. This technology simplifies the cumbersome traditional production process of potato vermicelli, solves the production links that must be completed manually in the past, realizes the continuity and mechanization of production, and greatly reduces the production cycle
3. High yield of fans. The automatic vermicelli production line sets the program in advance through PLC and adopts frequency converter. According to the digital display of the frequency converter, the operator can digitally control the production in the pre programmed process, so as to ensure the consistency of products, and the qualified rate of finished vermicelli reaches more than 95%
4. The quality of fans is good. High strength normal temperature regeneration, precise low-temperature aging point and optimized low-temperature drying technology ensure the excellent quality of vermicelli. The refined vermicelli produced are excellent in quality, crystal clear and transparent, straight in appearance, delicate in taste, strong and durable in cooking, non melting, non crisp and non mixing soup. They are deeply loved by consumers in the market and can bring considerable benefits to investors
5. Excellent energy saving. The production line prepares and controls the parameters of each link, matches reasonably, fully reuses the energy, and has remarkable energy-saving effect
6. Beautiful and generous appearance. The production line is reasonably matched, the surface treatment is fine, and the overall atmosphere is luxurious, which fully reflects the strength of users and improves consumer confidence
7. One machine can do many things. The production line can produce different raw materials, such as potato crystal vermicelli, sweet potato golden vermicelli, convenient vermicelli, etc
8. High security. The products produced by this line do not use food additives, bleach, preservatives, etc., and realize the standardization of product quality; At the same time, the automatic production of the line eliminates the artificial cross pollution and environmental pollution caused by manual operation. The contact part between the whole machine and materials adopts SUS304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean. The product quality, various microorganisms and physical and chemical indexes meet the requirements of national standards, and the product safety standardization is realized.

I think the prospect is still very good. After all, it has entered the era of fast food,

but the processing of noodles depends on what your raw materials are. If it is sweet potato in and dry powder out, it needs two production lines. One is sweet potato starch production line, which makes sweet potato into starch. The other is the powder production line, which directly produces starch into dry powder strips. How much are the two production lines? First, you need to know your daily production output, and then you can suggest the equipment and quotation suitable for you.


retail has profit margin, but it is not large. It is better to supply by batch, but it depends on the taste and quality of noodles

people live on food and can’t earn a lot of money, but they won’t starve to death

if you stick Longkou card, it’s OK.

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