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What do you do when you enter the factory to make cosmetics packaging and labeling

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cosmetics have three grades of high, medium and low products, such as CD and Chanel, which are called first-line brands; Olay, L’Oreal and other products produced by the joint venture with moderate prices belong to second-line brands; Dabao, little nurses and other cheap cosmetics belong to the third tier brands. These three cosmetics are sold through three channels: large department stores, specialty stores, supermarkets or small street stores. The prospect of cosmetics market is still very good. Some data show that the world per capita consumption of cosmetics in 2000 was US $70, while the domestic per capita consumption of cosmetics was RMB 40. With the improvement of per capita income and the strengthening of consumption concept and brand awareness, the potential of this market is still great. At present, there are three business modes of cosmetics stores: first, comprehensive stores, which sell popular brands and win with low price and large sales. Generally, this type of stores are opened in the central area of the city; The second is the sub urban business district store, which is opened in the sub urban business district; Third, community stores, the so-called “front store and backyard” cosmetics stores, act as agents for a brand of cosmetics and provide daily basic beauty care services. The third kind of store opened by small-scale investors has a “money” scene. Let’s take community stores as an example to introduce relevant matters. Site selection: close to bus station and community; Cosmetics sales are divided into terminal sellers, distributors in the circulation field and professional sellers. The “community store” belongs to the terminal sales link, and the storefront should be at least 30 square meters. For the specific site selection method, it is recommended to be close to the bus stop, preferably at the intersection of the two communities, which can be reached within 15 minutes on foot. “The target customer group should be clear. The consumers of community stores must be residents. The means of transportation they often take when they go out is buses. Seeing your store every day is the best way to publicize.” The store located at the junction of the two communities is a good choice, which is close to both communities. After finding the shop, the decoration link can not be ignored. There is only one purpose: cleanliness. Glass can be used as the exterior wall, and the color tone is mainly plain color, such as white, pink, etc. At the same time, the seats and relevant cleaning equipment in the store should also be kept clean and tidy to give customers a good visual impression. Investment: the initial capital is 200000-500000 yuan. How much does it cost to open a cosmetics store? The threshold for opening a store is at least 100000-500000 yuan plus the necessary working capital. How are the funds allocated? It is reported that the rent of stores with better general location is about 200000 yuan /year, and the purchase fee is controlled at about 100000 yuan. It is best to act as an agent for a kind of cosmetics with nursing service guidance and single brand, so as to avoid a series of cumbersome affairs such as looking for purchase channels and equipment. With the strengthening of customers’ consumption rationality, the products of well-known companies and brands are more acceptable to customers, and customers trust the products of well-known brands. At the same time, brand products are more professional and emphasize functional differentiation. If you want to make it by yourself, you can first go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find the source of goods. You can explain the situation to the supplier first. One or two samples of each product are advanced to avoid excessive purchase costs. In terms of varieties, daily necessities can be more, such as moisturizing, cleansing and other basic maintenance products, while scrub and dead skin removing cream can be appropriately less. The users of these products are relatively small. Some necessary equipment, such as importing instrument, ion sprayer, cosmetology bed and water heater, also need to be allocated. The cost will be about 80 thousand yuan. Business: customers pull customers. “To open a store, first understand the needs of customers.” Shao Jianjun believes that before opening the store, we should first investigate the predetermined target consumers, understand the price they can accept, go to the beauty shop several times a week, and which products they prefer. These are the items that the shopkeeper needs to master. Only with understanding can we do business according to the needs of consumers. Secondly, the service attitude of the staff also determines the operation of the cosmetics store. “The training of shop assistants should also keep up, which is an indispensable link.” Lin Bin said that as the sales model of community stores, the quality training of clerks has also become a necessary lesson. They should know some basic beauty knowledge, such as skin identification, the use of beauty equipment, etc. In addition, some preferential promotion methods can be adopted to issue membership cards and cultivate members; Making 10 mask and sending the same way can enhance customer’s brand loyalty to the cosmetics shop, and adopt the way of “first class customer – two level customer”, so that customers can pull customers and attract more people to enjoy their services in their own stores. D%A

the work content is to bottle, package, label and pack the products. For example, the production of facial mask, need to fold paper, one day stacked 10 thousand mask paper, manual stacking, or labeling label, operation labeling machine and so on. Br>
according to the regulations on the administration of cosmetics labeling issued by the AQSIQ on August 27, 2007, cosmetics refer to chemical industrial products or fine chemical products that are spread on any part of the human body surface, such as skin, hair, fingernails, lips and teeth, in order to clean, maintain, beautify, modify and change the appearance, or correct the human smell and maintain good condition.

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