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What crowd must not eat pumpkin seeds?

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source: ape health network

cantaloupe is a perennial grass vine of Cucurbitaceae. Hanging melon has large grains and much meat. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, a variety of amino acids and trace elements. It is the top grade of edible melon. Its root, fruit, melon skin and seeds are also important traditional Chinese medicine
1. Look at the shell color. The shell color is basically the same, with natural luster, full particles and good quality; The surface is cloudy or has markings, and the silk is not rinse and the sun is not dry. Those with black spots on the surface have deteriorated. Black watermelon seeds should be black on the edge, and some are all black or black with red in the middle
2. Look at the shell shape. Those with full shell shape and uniform particles are of high quality; The shell shape is shriveled and thin, and the particles are uneven, the quality is inferior; Tender seeds and white chaff are inferior
3. Pinch with your fingers. Pinch a plump melon seed with your thumb; Finger pinch slightly tight, meat in general; It refers to pinching the shriveled shell, thin kernel and meat or pitiless grain
4. Look at the dry and wet. It is easy to crack melon seeds with teeth, and the sound is crisp. The sound of melon seeds landing is solid and loud, which is relatively dry; It is not easy to crack with teeth, and the melon seeds are damp if the sound is light or silent
how to eat hanging melon seeds? Hanging melon seeds is the same as sunflower seeds. It’s smaller, but it’s more troublesome, but the shell can’t be eaten. First wash the hanging melon seeds and put them into the pot with pepper and salt. After half an hour, soak for another hour. Take it out of the water and spread it on the Kang for drying. If the Kang is hot, it only takes two days. Then put it into the pot and stir fry, and the fragrant melon seeds are born. Hanging melon seeds (BAIXIAN), formerly known as Trichosanthes seed, have the effects of clearing lung, resolving phlegm, relieving cough, moistening intestines and defecating according to the compendium of Materia Medica and major traditional Chinese medicine dictionaries. Cooked hanging melon seeds are refined by traditional formula and modern technology. They have unique taste and fragrance. They are fashionable gifts for leisure tasting and giving to relatives and friends

the melon seeds are eaten by
, raw materials,
, hanging melon seeds, spices, salt, sweeteners, spiced essence (making five Spiced melon seeds), cream flavor and fresh milk essence (the above two flavors are used to make cream seeds). Br> II. Main equipment
drum frying pan, mixing bucket, steam sandwich pan, scale, packaging machine, etc
III. processing process
selection of raw materials → frying → mixing → cooling and fragrance spraying → selection → packaging
spice preparation → cooking and seasoning hanging

efficacy of hanging melon seeds:
modern medical research shows that hanging melon seeds contain 16.8% unsaturated fatty acids, 5.46% protein, 17 kinds of amino acids, three paste saponins, a variety of vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc Selenium and other 16 trace elements. Especially rich in vitamin E (249 mg of vitamin E in 100g hanging melon seeds), it can nourish the skin, eliminate wrinkles, regulate the body and delay aging. Eating hanging melon seeds can also expand the coronary artery of the heart and increase the coronary flow; It has obvious protective effect on acute myocardial ischemia; It has strong resistance to the proliferation and HIV of choriocarcinoma cells in vitro. It has a certain therapeutic effect on diabetes; It has auxiliary curative effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia and high blood viscosity; It can improve the body immune function; And has the effect of slimming and beauty.

1 if the human body eats too many melon seeds, it is easy to cause stomach disease first. This is mainly because the air continuously enters the gastrointestinal tract with swallowing and chewing melon seeds, resulting in flatulence in the gastrointestinal tract and abdominal discomfort symptoms such as belching, abdominal distension and abdominal pain. The attractive aroma of melon seeds can stimulate the contraction of gallbladder and cause abdominal pain
2 in addition, melon seeds are made by adding spices, salt and saccharin. Spices include natural spices and artificial spices. Natural spices such as fennel and pepper contain trace safrole. If the human body ingests too much safrole, it will cause liver lesions
3 it is suggested that in our life, patients with hyperlipidemia should avoid eating melon seeds, because melon seeds contain a lot of fat. After eating, patients with hyperlipidemia will increase the lipid level in the blood. At the same time, people with cholecystectomy should also avoid eating melon seeds, because melon seeds are greasy and easy to cause indigestion.


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