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What brand of cosmetics is good

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this French national treasure cosmetics brand was founded in 1935. Its cosmetics and skin care have been sought after by many women. Lancome small black bottle is the world’s first essence skin care product focusing on “gene maintenance”. Lancome’s eye black is still in the leading position in the world industry. “Every two eye black sold in the world, one is Lancome’s mascara.”. Lancome created Rose de France with its unique love for women. This attractive and fragrant lipstick with 18 different colors is just an art treasure and a pearl in the makeup world Lauder is famous for its anti-aging skin care brand. Its anr series is undoubtedly the most classic skin care products of the brand. Since its launch for more than 20 years, it has maintained the classic amber glass bottle packaging, setting a record of one bottle sold every ten seconds in the world. It contains fruit acid. After use, I only feel that the skin is hydrated, smooth and delicate, like a girl. As its slogan said, “if you have used the anr series 16 years ago, your skin will still be as delicate and delicate as it was 16 years ago”

was founded in Japan in 1872 and is committed to the research of beautifying muscle and hair based on Western pharmaceutical prescriptions. It is the oldest palace cosmetics in Asia. Eudermine red honeydew lotion is famous all over the world. It has been selling well for nearly a century and is still the representative product of Shiseido. High hydrating, exfoliating and activating functions, it is the first skin care product of Shiseido

began in France in 1947. It is a world-renowned top luxury brand. Classic and noble are synonymous with Dior. Blue Gold lipstick, Dior’s iconic lipstick, is plump, soft and pure in color, achieving an incredible balance between comfort and durability. It is also an essential cosmetics in countless women’s handbags. Dior 5-color eye shadow. Although Dior will launch a variety of dazzling new make-up products every season, this eye shadow has been a favorite of many makeup artists and women since 1987

is a top luxury brand famous for fashion and perfume. Since 1913, chanel Rouge Coco has used all creativity and technology to mark the classic packaging of this lipstick with the brand of “coco era”. It brings an intoxicating ultimate experience to women. Instantly melted texture and color perfectly fit the lips to create a delicate Satin like makeup effect

started in 1902. It is a high-end brand of L’Oreal Group in Paris. It is famous in the industry for its legendary eye black, flamelook color makeup and prodigy’s ultimate beauty Jinghua series skin care products. Since Ms. Helena invented the first automatic waterproof eye black in 1939, HR Helena has established an indispensable position in the cosmetics industry. Today, HR Helena is still creating the trend of make-up

was founded in Japan in 1909. The crystal skin care essence has the beauty of “fairy water”

1. Lancome

Lancome ranks first among the top ten cosmetics brands in the world. This brand has a high position in the cosmetics industry, and its products are widely involved. Both skin care lines and makeup lines are well done, have good effects, and attach great importance to the sense of use

star products: Lancome Qingying toner, Lancome small black bottle, Lancome Jing pure air cushion foundation make-up


2 Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is the world’s largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume company. The consumer group it faces is generally mature women aged 25-35. Both smell and packaging give people an elegant and mature beauty

star products: Estee Lauder small brown bottle essence, double wear makeup holding liquid foundation, Estee Lauder Qinshui liquid foundation

3 Dior

Dior is a famous fashion consumer brand in France. It also has a position that can not be ignored in the cosmetics and perfume industry. The product style is colorful and experience art, which is the love of many people

star products: Dior flame Blue Gold lipstick, Dior five color eye shadow, Dior lipstick powder

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