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What are the software robots for process automation?

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I often have to upload data to another system. What office automation software can automatically input data into the designated system without filling in it one by one?

not all processes are suitable for automation. A good candidate for RPA is a frequently performed process that requires users to repeat similar tasks and have structured data input of high-quality data. Like any process automation, there is a risk of automating poor processes. The ultimate goal should be to use RPA as a tool to improve processes and maximize efficiency
once the candidate process of RPA is determined, a continuous path can be developed to sort the development of RPA automation. Factors to be considered include the nature of the license /service level of the application, as well as the nature of the software supply agreement.

domestic process automation software, uibot can realize the functions you want, and the operation is simple. You can search uibot, which is a RPA development tool very suitable for Chinese and Xiaobai. There are also tutorials in the community.

process automation software robot


cloud expansion intelligent RPA

cloud expansion technology is a world-famous RPA manufacturer and has created an enterprise level process automation platform – cloud expansion intelligent RPA. With the self-developed cloud expansion RPA platform as the core, the company is committed to providing intelligent RPA robot products and solutions for customers in various industries. Through RPA empowerment, the company continues to create value for customers and help enterprises promote digital transformation

in 2019, RPA attracted the continuous attention of the global venture capital circle overnight. Whether it is an industry giant, a veteran operator or an AI company, we all test the water RPA. The result is generally that AI companies lack RPA gene, while RPA start-ups have weak AI ability. Commercial speculation and excessive packaging lead to the challenge that technology companies that provide enterprises with various intelligent solutions face gimmicks over substance
I recommend real intelligence. Real intelligence is really doing AI technology. It connects RPA and AI, and is committed to providing enterprise customers with intelligent robot solutions with both “hands-on ability” and “brain power”, helping enterprises realize intelligent transformation in sales, customer service, administration, cognition, legal affairs and other scenes, and bringing real changes to traditional industries.

input data into the designated system. At present, in addition to the interface mode, it will be filled in manually one by one, but it is much easier to use software robot Xiaobang software robot is very representative in the designated system of automatic batch data entry, with powerful functions and flexible operation

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