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What are the reasons for the loose joint of the packing belt? It is used on the semi-automatic packer

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there are several possible reasons for the fracture of PP packing belt joint:
1 The temperature of the packer is not moderate. It is generally about 450 degrees Celsius in summer and about 600 degrees Celsius in the north
2. There is too much dirt on the hot head of the packer. You can polish it off with sandpaper
3. The hot head deflection of the packer shall be corrected with pliers
4. The lower bearing of the middle channel blade of the packer is deformed and needs to be replaced
5. When the operator is working, he moves the goods down without waiting for the upper support plate of the packer to return
please refer to the description of Hongzhan PP packing belt for details

1. The joint time is not enough and it is not fully overlapped
2. The joint packing belt is not aligned, the left and right are misaligned, the overlapping area is reduced, and the tension is reduced
3. The reserved length of binding belt joint is uneven, and the length of 8 belts is uneven, resulting in uneven stress
4. If the joint time is too long, a virtual joint will be formed, or the binding belt will become thinner and the tension will be reduced
if the joint is not firm, it will easily lead to package collapse during the use of the packing belt, causing trouble to the transportation of products
let’s look at Hefei Baole packaging. About packing belt and packing machine

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