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What are the packaging methods to make the gift instantly tall?

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no matter how good a gift is, it also needs a good package. I think you just give a famous brand. If it is casually packed in a bag or box, it will give a very bad impression and the degree of surprise will be greatly reduced. If you spend a lot of money on gifts and end up screwing up the packaging because you don’t have much money, you’re really wronged

although the packaging of gifts is very important, excessive packaging is not advocated because it will cause a waste of resources. It should be advocated to get some small details in the Limited packaging to make the packaging look unique. The first thing to recommend is to cut patterns on the wrapping paper. You can choose plain wrapping paper. Draw a pattern you want to cut, such as a peach heart, a star, or a simple little animal the pattern is chosen by you and then cut by yourself. Just the packaging can see that you are full of heart . And the effect of cutting out is very good-looking. It is both beautiful and can show your mind. Why not


the second one is about making good use of small things in life. I believe everyone had the experience of making specimens as a child. There are so many beautiful plants in our nature. Those fallen trees or withered flowers can be used as materials, and they are also a kind of resource reuse the easiest way is to find a ventilated place to dry, and then paste these dried flowers on the package. It’s best to use kraft paper

finally, we want to say that the outer package is made of cloth products such as handkerchiefs. After the package is unpacked, it doesn’t need to be discarded. It can also be used as a rag cushion and so on it’s also beautiful and unique

I believe you can add a lot of color to these gifts

nowadays, many people choose to make their own packaging for gifts to friends, but the traditional packaging box is neither new nor beautiful. So how can the packaging look tall

1. Creative perspective

cut the desired shape on the packaging paper and fill it with other colored paper or pictures to create a three-dimensional feeling

2. romantic imitation flowers

are mostly handmade paper flowers, silk flowers, etc., and flower decorations are often matched with cotton, linen, lace, etc

3. Fresh forest style

plants are also mentioned in other answers, so I won’t say much. Forest dry flower plants are very compatible with kraft paper. Just pay attention to the proportion

4. Literary embroidery

the delicate lines are embroidered on paper, which is suitable for expressing delicate and low-key blessings

5. intertwined knitting

intertwined knitting uses slightly thicker wool, paper and cloth for weaving or modeling. It also has a special sense of design with monotonous packaging paper

6. text suggestion

those special blessings or unspeakable words can also be hidden in the scattered text on the package

7. interesting ornaments

add some special gadgets to decorate after simple packaging, which can also add interest and express blessings more chicly

8. Casual graffiti style

gives not only gifts, but also that unruly personality

9 Sweet modeling

no matter what kind of gift it is, with more candy and fruit packaging, it will have a different sweet taste

10. Even the most common packaging can have new patterns. Try different colors or unique meanings

11. Warm cloth art

compared with easily worn packaging paper, wool, cotton linen and other materials are not only more practical, but also have different gentle texture

learn these creative packaging methods, but also make tall packaging

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