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What are the packaging designs

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1. Packaging shape design. Also known as shape design, it mainly refers to the shape of packaging container. It uses the aesthetic principle of packaging function and appearance to shape the packaging container through the changes of form, color and other factors, and display it in visual form. The packaging container must be able to reliably protect the product, must have excellent appearance, and must also have appropriate economy
2. Packaging structure design. It is a design based on the basic functions of packaging (such as protection, convenience, reusability and actual production conditions) and the scientific principles of the external and internal structure of packaging. According to the needs of products, excellent structural design can effectively protect products. In addition, the convenience of use, carrying, display and transportation must be considered, and the content can be reused and displayed
3. Packaging decoration design. Packaging and decoration are the organic combination of handicraft and engineering technology. This is a comprehensive science integrating practical art and engineering technology. It uses patterns, words, colors, reliefs and other art forms to highlight the characteristics and image of products, and is committed to exquisite modeling, novel patterns, bright colors, bright words, decorating and beautifying products to promote product sales
to sum up, packaging design mainly lies in the graphic design of outer packaging and the buffer structure design of inner packaging. Excellent packaging design can only completely combine the two types, and organically unify the role of packaging design. The field of packaging design is also quite extensive, which needs people to study carefully.

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