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What are the famous wine packaging design companies in Shenzhen?

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There is too much information on the Internet and I don’t know which is true, so I want to ask advertising netizens.

a friend introduced Bai Xinglong to us in 2008. If there are products that need to be upgraded and new products need to be developed, they are asked to design them, and they can print and produce directly after the design

you can send me a private letter if you need it. The factory will send it directly

as the design capital of Shenzhen, Bai Xinglong has 20 years of development experience in the wine packaging industry. He has served more than 3000 customers, including Maotai, Yanghe, gujinggong, Fenjiu, Jinshiyuan and site. Moreover, they do not only design, but also provide customers with early brand planning, creative design and back-end production, which can truly ensure the landing of products. They are a reliable company, Although many designs now look very eye-catching, they can’t be implemented at all, or consumers can’t accept it at all, so they have become the self hi of design companies. Therefore, it is really important to find a reliable design company.


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