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What are the disadvantages of gift box design

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first, the packaging content is inconsistent with the product sales theme
through the gift box packaging design, we can meet the demands of consumers and enhance consumers’ sense of belonging. When a high-end gift box packaging lacks theme, it is easy to lose to the product with the core content of the theme, and the sales of the product will be restrained. Therefore, the design of a successful gift box is inseparable from its theme

Second, different packaging patterns and connotation
some gift packaging box printing is provided by enterprises to printing plants, and the design ability of printing plants is often uneven, and the design ability of some small printing plants is often surprising. When the product in the gift box has no connection with the printed pattern outside the package, it will lead consumers to question the level of the product itself and give up buying

III. flashy packaging
in order to achieve the purpose of differentiation, some products are formed not through the quality of the products themselves, but through the “luxury route” of gift boxes, but often the gains outweigh the losses. For example, the packaging of eggs is very gorgeous, but the essence is just ordinary eggs. Some consumers joked that they are reluctant to eat when they buy them back, so they should put them away as handicrafts. The excessive luxury of gift packaging and the lack of quality support of the product itself will often be regarded as a gimmick and eventually win a flashy name

IV. packaging is incompatible with the trend
there is a trend in today’s packaging, such as the quietly popular environmental protection packaging. At present, the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has gradually become a trend. Green packaging can not only protect the ecological environment, but also recycle and protect the nature of products to the greatest extent.

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